Here Come the Chills

So my breakfast photo looked so bad yesterday even my camera didn’t want to hold on to it! >.< For reals, it’s not there. I made Kodiak Cakes with pumpkin mixed in but I use the wrong pan to cook them in so they just looked like a pile of orange crumbles. I knew that pan wasn’t gonna work but I was too tired to wash the good one. Lesson learned.

I enjoyed them with a drizzle of almond butter, maple syrup, and Craisins, alongside a mug of milk.


I didn’t have class until 1pm so I spent my morning getting some papers done! Woohoo. For lunch I felt like a green smoothie (Evolution Apple Carrot juice, spinach, almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, and frozen berries) and some Wheat Thins (3 servings) with cheese.

In my one class for the day I started to notice how much my throat was hurting. I’d been clearing it all day (felt gunky) and now it suddenly had a hurt. I ignored it and headed to the gym after class for a 60 minute bike while I finished up some Counseling reading. This workout though made it painfully clear to me that something was up.

By the time I got home I was shaky, had a headache, lost my voice, was coughing, and had the chills. That’s right, it was a full-blown illness!


I’d managed to stop by the store on my way home for medicine, so I took that and repurposed my tofu and mushroom“potstickers” I’d made for Valentine’s into a delicious wonton soup with a veggie broth and cabbage and zucchini boiled in. It was surprisingly tasty.

I headed to be at 6:30pm and slept 12 hours! Sadly, I did not wake up better and have taken the day off from life, mostly sleeping. Anyway, I’m gonna climb back in bed now. I need to get better stat!

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