Not Perfection

Well I have been a busy girl since last I posted! Luckily I did not lose my camera so I can catch up!


photo 1-67

After a fun night of drinking (3 glasses of wine), I always feel like a hot eggy breakfast at work. So I grabbed myself a Spinach Feta Wrap and an Evolution Super Green juice and felt so much better.

photo 2-66

Work was actually a fun time. =) Eventually I had a snack of dried apricots and almonds on my little four hour shift.


By 2:30pm, I was ravenous for lunch. Why did I eat so late? Because Chase and I met up to celebrate my Dietetic Internship application finally being submitted. We headed to Red Robin where I ate sweet potato fries and half of a A.1. Peppercorn burger with a veggie burger patty, no meat. Nom nom.


Our next adventure came with a warning.


We went to the EMP in Seattle to check out their new Block By Block exhibit!


It showed off amazing architecture using Legos. ^_^


With all the cool facts that come with that.


DSC01925 DSC01926

To be honest, the exhibit was kind of too small. =/ Neat to see, but not something you need to spend hours viewing. We tottered around the EMP and then went on walk for hours in the rain around downtown Seattle. I love just seeing what’s there.


Eventually, since Chase got to choose the dinner spot, he surprised me by picking a restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to since we moved here over two years ago! (Totally missed the move anniversary: Feb. 5th). Cactus always came up on my first searches for good restaurants in the area. There were so many delicious sounding options I had trouble choosing what to get. While we hemmed and hawed we munched on tortilla chips and yummy salsa.


One things for sure, I did not feel like drinking alcohol. So instead we both went and got one of their non-alcoholic cocktails which were just as fun! I went with the Mexican Lemonade: lemon, sparkling water, cilantro and jalapeno. YUM.


While everything sounded amazing, I decided on the tacos pescado: crispy market fresh fish, coriander-pasilla slaw, pico de gallo, and buttermilk creme that also came with Spanish rice and cumin black beans. I ate both tacos and most of the rice and beans, it was so delicious! I would 100% come back to this place. (Wink wink Mom, come visit!)


photo 1-68

Sunday was the worst day I’ve ever had at work. I don’t really want to go into it because I hate to bitch but let’s just say I now have one shift leader I refuse to open with. Three hours into my 6.5 hour shift, I got my first 10 minute break where I sipped down this tall iced soy green tea latte (no classic) and devoured a petite vanilla bean scone.

photo 2-67

It wasn’t until 10am, 6 hours after me having woken up, that the stupid woman finally let me go on my meal break. (Of course after being completely rude to me when I came and told her I was shaking so bad I couldn’t lift the milk jug anymore). I forced down Weetabix with blueberries, sunflower seed butter, and dried berries.

photo 3-40

Then ate my snack that was supposed to be for later (I knew I’d never get my last break) of a banana with the last of the sunflower seed butter. Worst. Shift. Ever. When I left that day, I felt ready to quit. Oh forgot to mention, the area had lost power the night before so all the customers were really pissed off and angry too.


I went straight home and devoured the other half of my burger, fires, and a small salad with ranch.


Then came some Wheat Thins and cheese which I have at least gotten smart and portioned out into baggies. I ate three servings which is definitely an improvement. I worked the rest of the day on trying to catch up on homework and eventually ended up with a small nap before heading to the gym.

65 minute stationary bike (while reading about statistics, BLEH!) followed by lots of strength training and abs. I seriously love having a workout buddy who knows how to do all these weight lifting things! It’s definitely improving my body.

Sweaty, tired, and ready to cook a hot dinner and get more homework done (I probably should stop taking the weekends off from my studies), I headed home only to find MY power out now. >.< Gosh darn it. I headed back down the hill in search of internet and dinner.

photo 4-24

I ended up across from my work at AA Sushi. You know I love me some conveyor belt sushi. ^_^ Plus I managed to pick up a dinner date as well since Chris was just getting off his shift as I arrived. Let’s see…I didn’t photograph all my rolls but I had: tamago (egg), satsumaimo (sweet potato), California roll, inari (fried tofu), and one fun (pricier) V8 roll. Nom nom nom.

Once Chris left, I sat around sipping green tea and using the internet to do some research on cystic fibrosis!

When I got home, my power was luckily back home so I managed to finish my laundry, do the dishes, cook for the next day and so on.



Ya know what? I LOVE working holidays. Time and a half, plus for some reason the co-workers I like work holidays. ^_^

I started off my President’s Day with a bowl of yogurt love containing: Cherry Chobani, raw oats, 1/2 banana, drizzle of almond butter, chia seeds, and dried cranberries. Man all these different textures made my mouth so happy.


I worked at 6am, so I arrived a little early to get some caffeine in me. This is MY drink.

photo 1-69

Since I didn’t have a shift who can’t do her job, I got my 10 minute break like I should and had an iced version of MY drink along with a blueberry Chobani tube. As you can tell, I felt a little paranoid that I would have to go 6 hours without food again so I made sure to have snacks.

photo 2-68

But that was nothing to worry about. ^_^ Around 10:30am I ate lunch. Yeah you read that right. Working so early really throws off my eating! But man I was hungry for it. I had spinach and basil topped with tuna salad and craisins. (My tuna salads contain: canned tuna, Dijonase, Mrs. Dash, black pepper, bell pepper, celery, and red onion.) My manager is an excellent baker so she surprised us with these amazing apple oatmeal cookies! I had one with a glass of 1% milk and secretly wanted to nab another. I didn’t though. ~.^


Because after I got off work (2pm) I headed straight over to my friend Amanda’s for Dinner Club! This time: Italian!


However, eating lunch that early did not hold me over. Amanda nicely made me a snack plate of apple and cheese while she got to work on our dessert that had to sit for 6 hours.

We did an hour long nutritional counseling session that I have to do for a class then decided to go on a brisk walk to Trader Joe’s! Some exercise in for the day at least. I had planned to go to the gym after the dinner party but I felt so exhausted and Amanda had gone out of her way to pick out wine!


Once we got back around 6:30pm, we started on the main course. Can you guess?


Homemade gnocchi! It was actually really easy to do. Just mashing potatoes, adding egg and flour, then kneading it all before rolling it out and cutting them up. Honestly, maybe I’ll make my own again sometime. ^^


Here’s one of the wines we had. ^_^ Il Bastardo. She couldn’t resist the name.

photo 3-41

Dinner around 7:30pm was absolutely amazing. Gnocchi with quattro formaggi, roasted asparagus, roasted Portobello mushroom, and some unpictured rosemary bread. It hit the spot. I am now going to go out and buy more Portobellos! So tasty and easy to prepare.

After our heavy meal we all sat in front of the TV and watched the Olympics. ^_^ It was so nice to have people who were just as interested in it as I am to watch it with.

photo 4-25

Eventually, we got out dessert to keep us awake. That’s right, we made tiramisu!! It had 12 shots of espresso in it! It tasted heavenly and I am glad I turned down leftovers because I’d have probably eating it for breakfast. Also enjoyed a glass of moscato wine.

I loved being able to finally see some figure skating last night in the form of the ice dancing finals. ❤ Did you all watch? I can’t wait to see the individuals!

Anyway, I got lucky today and don’t have class until 1pm so that’s why I had time to write this! Gotta get back to studying now but, again, thank you all for hanging in here with me. My life will become more organized one of these days I’m sure.


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