Guys, I have a serious catastrophe on my hands. Last night, right before heading out for sushi, I grabbed my camera that goes everywhere with me and that I use multiple times a day to show you guys what I eat, and slipped it into my purse without it’s case, something I never do.

Today, I can’t find it in my purse. I never took it out during dinner since I got shy and used my phone instead. I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve looked in my car, under everything in my apartment, called the sushi place…it’s gone. All my photos of the last few days are gone and most importantly, my amazing little red camera is gone.

I’m heartbroken over it and kind of in the “I don’t know what to do. It feels like I’ve lost a part of me” state. I know that’s super overdramatic; it was just a camera. But it’s sort of the thing that made me feel like this blog really was something serious. I had to use this camera and show you guys what I ate. Everyone takes photos of their food with their phones. “Real bloggers” use real cameras. I know this is all stupid but I feel like a complete phony now not to mention my failure at blog posts lately.

Before I go out and throw some tax return money at a new camera I really feel like I need to access what I’m doing here. Normally I love blogging and showing what I eat. Just getting words out that I have no where else to. But my schooling has driven the passion out of me and I feel like there is nothing left. That I can’t inspire anyone let alone myself.

Wow. This got really really depressing and I apologize for that on Valentine’s Day. I’m going to post this, put on some dancing music, have a little dance party in my apartment and cook the love of my life (ME!!) a fantastic dinner. I hope that I can come back afterward and show you my day through food (taken with my phone).

Thanks for listening. ❤


One thought on “Catastrophe

  1. Aaaahh horror! :(((((((
    I am seriously sorry for you about your camera! Kudos for treating yourself nicely though! I hope it magically reappears…or something better replaces it. That’s my Valentine’s Day wish 🙂

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