Dead Battery

Happy Monday everyone! I didn’t post a quickie last night because I knew I was gonna get up early to study, and why not use some of that time to be distracted by you lovely people.

My Sunday started off kind of awfully. Seattle got like 3 inches of snow, but that wasn’t the problem. I actually saw plows (very rare here) so I felt like I could drive. The problem was…I’d left my lights on all night so when I got in my car to head to work at 4:45am….it didn’t start! Crap! Who the hell was I gonna find this early in the morning to help me?!

Luckily my co-worker and her husband came and picked me up, and we drove down the hill, covered in eerie abandoned cars and car crashes.

photo 1-64

We got to work though and it was a fine morning! On my breakfast break I ate Weetabix with a packet of nuts, dried fruit, and blueberries from our “Classic Oatmeal” along with a Grande orange refresher with black tea instead of water. I also ate an unpictured baggie of raw almonds and dried apricots when I was still hungry.

photo 2-64

On my 10 minute break, I ate a blueberry Chobani Champion tube and an unpictured petite vanilla bean scone. I was just soo hungry!

Right after work I headed to the gym and did a quick 26 min run since I wanted to make sure I was back at work on time for another co-worker to end his shift since he said he’d give me a lift home!

photo 3-37

Once home, it wasn’t until about 2:30pm that I got some hot lunch. Sautéed kale, sprouted rice and quinoa, black beans, shredded cheese, canned jalapeno salsa, and jalapenos with a Venti orange refresher. Nom nom.

I used the rest of my day to do laundry, get a few groceries, clean the kitchen, and eventually make myself study. (Midterms everyday until Thursday..)

photo 4-22

One of my grocery store splurges was some Wheat Thins and this delicious smoked gouda. I’ve been on the quest to find “my” cheese and I think I’m close! Gouda is GOOD! I nibbled on this while I cleaned and prepared my lunch for Monday.

photo 5-9

After hours of studying and some Olympics watching, my friend Chris and I grabbed dinner at Subway (which I live right next to so no driving! Chris did jump my car though so I can drive when i need to!). I got a 6” veggie on 9-Grain Wheat topped with American cheese (don’t ask me why but this is just my gotta have Subway cheese), honey mustard, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green bell pepper, red onion, olives, and banana peppers. Man, this sandwich tasted good because I was famished! It was about 8:30pm!

Anyway, I’m glad I had time to write. ^_^ I gotta get studying now though! Midterm #1 in two hours!!


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