So I went to my first party in like…over two years last night. I didn’t get home until 4am and had to get up at 6am. >.< I also did not feel good due to drinking some alcohol. I just had one drink but it was very strong.

photo 1-63

Anyway, I knew I needed a hot breakfast. All that sounded good was a tomato and cheese square with a double short ristretto Americano with one pump classic and a splash of breve.

photo 2-63

And then I continued to listen to my crying stomach and devoured a blueberry scone too. I just knew I needed to be able to get through this shift.

photo 3-36 

On my lunch break I tried to eat a my packed salad..but my stomach wasn’t having it. Instead I ate some smoky sweet BBQ chips with a Grande orange refresher with black tea instead of water.

The day went surprisingly well. I don’t know if people could just see the genuineness on my face or what but all my customers were so happy and pleasant. I actually enjoyed taking their orders. ^_^

After work (2pm) I headed straight to the gym to do some weight lifting with my friend Nick. I decided I as long as I didn’t do cardio, strength training would be my workout for the day. I’m just glad I did something!


Around 3:30pm I got home and made some food before crashing for a nap. Sautéed kale, canned black beans, sprouted rice and quinoa, fresh cilantro, shredded cheese, and salsa. Mmm. Helped me get some shut eye.


When I woke up again around 7pm my stomach surprisingly was ready for dinner. Very last of Milton’s Roasted Vegetable Lasagna (does that mean I can go to Costco again!? I think so!) along with the Caesar kale salad I tried to eat at work. 


I’m just studying for my MNT midterm and watching the Olympics now. I really gotta pull my studies together. It’s just been so easy not to care.

Night all ❤


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