Playing Catch Up

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days. To be honest all of it’s been kind of a blur. Work and fun combined. >.< Let me see if I can piece together what I ate…



Like I mentioned on Thursday, we were having a sleepover party at my place! My co-workers Aaron and Martie came over and we drank wine and ate nachos and talked long into the night. I pretty much tried to ignore the fact that I had class at 8am the next day. >.<


But I still went! With some foods to pick at since the nachos from the night before really gave me a food hangover. Double tall ristretto nonfat caramel macchiato and a fruit and yogurt parfait were eaten in my Dietary Supplements and Herbs class.


Along with some orange slices and dried apricots and almonds.


At 11 I was done with school and grabbing Aaron to take to a hair appointment. Then I headed to work to eat lunch before my shift. This was just one of those really basic salads from like Domino’s or something and I added the last of the veggies and tofu from my dysphasia project and some Greek dressing. I pretty much picked out the good things about this salad and ate them along with a roll and threw out the rest. It was really tasteless.


Also had a Blueberry Chobani Champion yogurt tube.

photo 2-61

On my 10 min break must later that evening I blended some Evolution Sweet Greens juice with banana and slurped it down. I got off at 6pm but instead of going to the gym I headed straight home to get some food! I was hungry!!


Two pieces of cheese pizza with a spinach salad with broccoli and carrots.

After I’d digested I headed to the gym for a 45 minute stationary bike followed by some strength training with my friend Nick! It’s totally awesome having a workout buddy.

Then I went home and went to bed. ^_^ I opened the next day! Yikes!


photo 3-34

So we all have some days that what we ate that day is really really really not what we should be doing as far as a healthy lifestyle goes. Well, yesterday was one of mine. Part of me didn’t want to share this with you all because, for one, it’s not something I’m proud of, and two I really try to set an example, but I think it’s important to share all of me and be genuine. I hope that’s okay.

Anyway I opened Starbucks Saturday morning and had some unpictured almond croissant due to overwhelming hunger! No picture.

On my breakfast break I ate Weetabix with banana, nuts, and a double dirty short chocolate chai tea latte

photo 4-21

On another break I sipped on some Evolution Defense Up juice.

I was so tired and worn out and stressed due to not getting much homework done lately, my awesome shift leader Alyssa let me off an hour early and I headed home for lunch by 1pm.


Last slice of  cheese pizza and Caesar salad with parmesan and carrots. I finally finished my counseling reflection and then headed out the door to go all the way to Everett to make new friends. =)


Over there I ended up drinking my dinner….I had a Limonata with lavender liquor and two very strong gin and tonics over the course of the evening. Just one of those nights. I’m glad I’m making new friends but I know I need to take care of my body more.

Anyway thanks for letting me catch up at my own pace! I’ll be back tonight!


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