You’ll Be Okay


Just wanted to start this post with a really great song. Please listen to it. =)


Being okay, I wore one of my new shirts I got around Xmas finally. I was a bit disappointed with them because they are too big(!) but loving the design, I’m keeping them anyway. This is a Doctor Who shirt. ^_^ Anyone else fans?


Oh I suppose I should mention I woke up early, 7am, and headed to the gym for a 30 minute run. Boy is it hard to run first thing in the morning! I felt out of it. May need to keep morning workouts /just/ swimming or biking. I may have almost tripped once!

After my workout I came home and made a green smoothie with Evolution Apple Carrot juice, low fat vanilla yogurt, fresh spinach, frozen mixed berries, and fish oil. It tasted much better than yesterday. Since I felt pretty hungry, I also had a banana and peanut butter.


By noon I was hungry for lunch. Quinoa and sprouted rice topped with the veggie and tofu mix and nutritional yeast “cheese” sauce from my dysphasia project, plus a side of sautéed kale.


Honestly…I didn’t like it that much. After eating all the kale, I dumped the rest in the garbage and grabbed a baggie of trail mix and some milk.

photo 1-60

Eventually I headed to work early to sip on this double tall ristretto 1 pump vanilla soy latte while I worked on a big reflection paper. I didn’t finish it but there is progress! I drank maybe half the drink.

photo 2-60

On my 10 minute break around 5:30pm I snacked on some orange slices with some strawberry lemonade.


When I finally got off work around 8pm I rushed home and ate this really measly looking dinner of Pacific Food’s mushroom and lentil garlic soup and a roll. I ended up grabbing another roll with huckleberry jam afterwards because I was still hungry!

Later I had another banana and peanut butter and snacked on white chocolate chips.

My co-worker Aaron, who I had Thanksgiving with, needs a place to stay tonight so I offered my blow-up bed. He’s off work at 10:30pm and then we’re gonna drink some wine and chat. ^_^ Yeah I have class at 8am….but hey, some things in life are worth tired mornings over.



2 thoughts on “You’ll Be Okay

  1. Where’s the song? In your last post you said you kept getting woken up. I HATE not being able to sleep especially when I really need it :/ What do you find helps you sleep better? I could use some tips!

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