Full Day

Today was a packed full day.

Blog UPLOAD123

It started with me not being able to stay asleep. I awoke at 1am…I awoke at 3am..I then awoke again at 5am and gave up. -_- Sleep did not want me. I can’t even blame the babies for it this time.

For breakfast I made a green smoothie with Evolution Apple Carrot Juice, fresh spinach, low fat vanilla yogurt, frozen mango chunks, and fish oil. To be honest….this one tasted…fishy. Yeah. I slurped it down but I didn’t exactly enjoy it.

Since I ate so damn early…of course it wasn’t going to hold me over until lunch time. So around 7am I had a heated up roll with some huckleberry jam smashed inside. Delicious!

Around 9:30am I ate some orange slices while I worked on some homework in the cafeteria.

Blog UPLOAD124

And was definitely still hungry when it was finally lunch time. This new awesome Rubbermaid Salad Container has a little spot for your dressing, and two other compartments for various toppings. I am so in love with it! Plus, once I have everything poured in there, I put the top on and shake it up so everything gets dressed!

Today’s salad had kale, veggie and tofu cilantro Dysphasia Project bits, fresh cilantro, gorgonzola cheese, and some leftover Greek dressing. Nom nom nom. Chased it with a Chobani Champion Blueberry tube.

Then…after much debate, I bought the Onion and Cheddar bread that was calling my name! I had ignored it at first and ate my salad and yogurt..but when I was still hungry afterward I gave in. Holy word was it worth it and exactly what I’d been craving. It tasted similar to corn bread! Don’t regret a thing. ^_^


Today was packed full because….I had a date to hang out with my girls, Ala and Desiree! These two ladies are both in the regular nutrition program so while I started my Bastyr experience with them, I rarely see them now. Anyway around 4pm we arrived at the University Village and since we were hungry…headed straight for an early dinner! Where did we end up? Eureka!


I’ve been really craving a burger lately so I was very excited to see they had a Veggie Burger on the menu. A unique homemade blended red beet patty served with arugula, tomato, Bermuda onion and lemon vinaigrette dressing garnished with homemade zucchini pickles. To be honest, it wasn’t rock your socks good, but I ate half with three onion rings and the other half mmuucchh later (around 9pm) when I got home.


Then we hit up Starbucks to get some homework done. =/ Yes there must be a mix of fun and not fun. While we worked, I sipped on a tall Earl Grey Tea Latte.

We finally broke from studying and did a tiny bit of shopping then headed back to our side of the lake.

From there I drove straight to the gym for 40 minutes stationary bike followed by abs work with my friend Nick! It’s awesome having a personal trainer as a friend. I hope it hurts to cough tomorrow!

Anyway, tomorrow is hopefully more low-key. Night all!


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