Beating Lady Days

Evening everyone. ^_^ This morning started off rough. I awoke from a horrible dream where I’d been abducted by Russians! It was pretty horrifying and I almost started crying when my sister (or lack thereof) came into the dream but luckily I woke up. Yikes! I felt drained the whole day, maybe due to this dream!


Breakfast started off with some good ol’ PB and various jams on toast with a glass of milk. Homemade huckleberry and pumpkin butter! Nom nom. I really wanted a green smoothie but sadly I let myself run out of greens!! Don’t worry I remedied that at the store today.


In my Counseling class I ended up munching on some dried cinnamon apple pieces with raw almonds around 11am to keep me awake and focused. They actually helped a lot. I’ve been having trouble paying attention in my classes lately. =/

Blog UPLOAD121

For lunch I had another amazing kale salad in my new Salad Tupperware! I’ll have to take a better picture and show you it another day, but I saw it on another blog and knew it would be perfect for me. So far it’s made packing salads and all their various toppings a snap. This salad featured kale, cilantro, roasted red pepper, giant white beans, gorgonzola cheese, toasted cashews, and Caesar yogurt dressing. It was just as tasty as yesterday. ^_^

Also enjoyed was a strawberry Chobani Champion tube…and later a very small gluten-free blueberry scone. Honestly, it didn’t taste very good and I should have just gave it away but I was hungry and feeling really worn out all day.

In fact, I was so tired that when my plans to go on a hike with one of my co-workers fell through after school I just headed home and tried to work on homework instead of the gym. My lady days had begun and my stomach was feeling quiet upset about that.


Later, my stomach still felt so ill that I picked up some Pacific Foods Roasted Garlic Mushroom Lentil soup for dinner (while I was grabbing greens) as well as (gasp!) some rustic panino rolls. No they aren’t whole grain, but it’s what sounded good on my tummy. For the record the soup was tasty but not my favorite. The mushrooms just give it a little bit too much of a funk for me.

Blog UPLOAD122

For dessert I had a Chobani Blood Orange yogurt with a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter, as well as the last of this dark chocolate bar.

While I tried to remain focused on homework I eventually bored snacked on dried apricots and almonds too. Surprisingly though, this random snack snapped my stomach out of it’s funk and gave me the energy to put my workout clothes on and head to the gym for the strongest 30 minute run I’ve had in a long time! I loved every minute of it. =D Apparently fruit and nuts is my superfood! I totally feel like I put that period belly in it’s place.

Anyway, need to try and prepare for class tomorrow! Night


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