Man, there are days when I am so excited to write a post for you guys, and then there are days that I feel so energy drained that I look at it with dread. =( I’m having one of those days. And it’s not because I don’t have exciting food to share…it’s seriously because I want to be an old lady and crawl into bed before 9am.

Blog UPLOAD119

Let’s see, this morning I was up way early again. Maybe 7am when I didn’t have class until 10am. I kind of enjoying getting to take my time with breakfast and slowly wake myself up. I should probably work on being more productive with my time though. Time is precious these days.

Anyway I made a delicious green smoothie for breakfast containing Evolution Apple Carrot juice, fresh spinach, frozen mixed berries, frozen banana, and fish oil. I then worked on the computer for a bit before I realized I was still hungry. I really wanted some toasted carby goodness. So I had a slice of toast with peanut butter and fig butter.

I shouldn’t have though! I forgot (sortof) that in my Medical Nutrition Therapy class we were finally presenting our dysphasia projects. That means we got to go around the kitchen tasting everyone’s creations. No I didn’t eat much, just nibbles, but still.


I was surprisingly still hungry for lunch and oh man did I make the best salad ever! My new favorite thing to do with salads is mix in fresh herbs. Right now I’m hooked on cilantro. It adds so much flavor! So I had a kale salad mixed with cilantro and topped with big white beans, gorgonzola cheese, toasted cashews, and a new dressing, OPA Greek style yogurt dressing by Litehouse in Caesar flavor. I got this due to having a coupon and to be honest…it’s not my favorite. =/ Since it’s one of those “light” dressings it’s just got that off taste to it. It didn’t matter though because when I mixed this whole salad up it was the bomb! After the amazing salad I had a blueberry Chobani Champion tube and called it an excellent lunch.

Blog UPLOAD120 

After class I dashed home to refrigerate my dysphasia project leftovers and nibbled on some almonds and dried apricots to convince myself to go to the gym on this cold cold day. By the way my calves are doing a lot better today though there is definitely still some discomfort.

I headed into work to grab my tips and ended up snacking on 1/2 of a dark chocolate covered graham cracker. I finished off that graham cracker later in the evening and put the rest in the fridge.

I was so glad I did go to the gym though. 60 minute stationary bike and my calves warmed up a lot. Once I walked back to Starbucks I was so cold I sipped down a short soy green tea latte while I chatted with my coworkers. It was kind of an amazing way to finish off my workout to be honest. =)


For dinner I had….(you probably guessed it) dysphasia diet leftovers!! I named the recipe: Vegan “Cheesy” Mexican Quinoa. And it’s…alright. The cilantro helped a lot but it’s still nothing I make again. The “cheese” sauce was pretty bland.


My recipe is not that calorie dense either so later I ended up snacking on half this bag of simply salted popcorn.

Arg! See, I feel better now that I told you all about my day because it would have stressed me out to know I still had that post to write. I need someone to remind me of this often.


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