Unable to Walk

Did everyone have a great Saturday? Ya know, mine wasn’t bad. =) Not really any major things to complain about…well besides my aging body! I thought I was sore yesterday…but today was so much worse! My calves are so tight I had issues walking. >.< That said I took a day off from the gym since I couldn’t even walk there.

But first I had work. Annoyingly enough my new manager showed up 15 minutes late for the shift…I know it wasn’t her fault (miscommunication) but it still made me loose 15 minutes of my shift, 15 minutes I could have been getting more sleep!

photo 1-57

By the time it was my 10 minute break I was very hungry. Luckily I’d brought this Tropical Escape Choani Flip for a snack and enjoyed it with a double short ristretto Americano with a 1/2 pump mocha and a 1/2 pump caramel. I chugged it down! I really needed the caffeine today.

photo 2-57

Around 9am it was finally breakfast time. I chowed down on Weetabix with nonfat milk, banana, and almonds and dried cranberries. Delicious. But totally left me still hungry so I had some unpictured orange slices as well.


When I got home around 1pm, sore and aching, I knew what I was having for lunch. I made a big ol’ salad with spinach, brie, roasted red peppers (from TJ’s) and tzatziki dressing from last night. Since I knew this wasn’t hearty enough, I also had a Reduced Fat Lemon Loaf with milk. Ya know, pretty tasty but nothing I’d end up needing again. Not like that Classic Coffee Cake I had yesterday. =P


The rest of my afternoon was spent cleaning and attempting to get some work on projects done. =/ Guys I’m so freaking burnt-out on this field that doing anything is really hard. I just don’t care anymore. I have no passion.

Around 4pm (okay apparently you can even read the clock! Darn, it was totally 5 o’clock Montana time!), I had a drink of Limonata soda with lavender liqueur.


For dinner after 6pm I reheated Japanese curry and topped it with freshly made truRoots Sprouted Rice & Quinoa Blend I found at Costco. I actually really like it. Nice texture.

photo 4-19

Anyway, the rest of the night was spent being unproductive. Looking at Pinterest, watching TV, cross-stitching, and hanging out with these crazies. Family photo op! Yes, I just may be the crazy cat lady…

Tomorrow I’m gonna get back to the gym where my trainer (lawl ok NOT my trainer since there is no way I can afford him but friend, Nick) said he’d help me stretch out. Hopefully I’ll be good enough to bike too.

For the record I had three pieces of dark chocolate and a mug of Vanilla Roobios tea!

Night all!


3 thoughts on “Unable to Walk

  1. Hey Robyn,
    First of all, I’m sorry you’re feeling burnt-out in the field. Is it nutrition in general or one particular class? Sometimes I get down about something I normally like, but it doesn’t always last. Just know the feeling will pass, and if it doesn’t you can always act on it and change!
    Secondly, I love the picture of you and your beautiful kitties! You’re the least stereotypical cat lady I know! 😉 Here’s to better feelings and muscle recovery!

    • Thanks hun!

      It’s the whole damn field I’m done with. I just hate to be always fighting an uphill battle. I’m just not that person. There’s just such conflict within nutrition. Plus the aspects I liked most about nutrition were more of the emotional connections to food, which would mean I need to do a psychology degree too and I just am done with schooling.

      I’ll figure something out I know..but the passion for this is just gone. =(

      • It’s an ugly thing to be driven out of a passion for something, especially because of what it becomes in practice and other, let’s say, “systemic” obstructions. If it’s something that ever crosses your mind, I don’t think any less of you for changing directions, or just feeling it out for a while (and I’m certain no one who matters to you does either). It’s an important time for learning about yourself and acting on what you want and (hopefully) finding passion in other things. You’re in a great place, just stay strong and finish off this damned quarter. Always wishing you the best ❤

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