With a Bow

Haha of course right after I go on and on about me being able to “do it all” I get way behind. =P



Breakfast of Champions!! Weetabix with banana and trail mix.


Did I mention I got up at 5am just because I felt like it? That made breakfast really early…and made it so I grabbed a snack around 9am of crackers, 2/3rds of the cheese, and the apple slices.

I also sipped a short ghetto mocha in class.


The snack was needed too because I didn’t end up eating lunch until after 1pm! I stuck with my new salad-at-lunch-theme and had a spinach salad with Field Roast Apple Sage Sausage, pickles, gorgonzola, and a drizzle of ranch dressing. On the side I finished off the low-fat vanilla yogurt with a baggie of trail mix and a spoonful of pumpkin butter. Super yum!

Next in my day: do something super fun! One of my customers, Nick, is a personal trainer at my gym. He offered to give me a free trial session! =D So I spent an hour punching, squatting, lifting weights, and doing abs with him. It was a GOOD workout.

The rest of my day was spent doing errands!


By the time I finally got home after 5pm I really wanted a drink to help me get through the cooking I had planned. This Limonata soda mixed with lavender liqueur is super delicious. Enjoyed in the huge wine glass my best friend, Ashton, got me for the Winter Solstice.


Why was I cooking so much? Well for my Medical Nutrition Therapy class we have a dysphasia project. Dysphasia means difficulty swallowing. This is a mechanically altered food, meaning it will pretty much crumble in your mouth, minimal chewing. I made quinoa, loads of steamed veggies and tofu, with a nutritional yeast “cheese” sauce.

Not gonna lie. This dish sucked. I ended up throwing it out because I tried to add so many different things after finding it was bland that it ended up inedible. >.< GAH! I think I figured it out by making a cilantro sauce to mix the veggies and tofu in but..not an outstanding dish. But at least the texture is right…I think.


Since I ended up throwing out most of that dish I reheated a small mug of forbidden black rice and Japanese curry for my dinner. Mmm..love this stuff.


Later in the evening I had a huge hankering for PB&Pumpkin Butter on toast with some milk. Man that workout got me hungry!



Today was all about being ready for my blood drive! I haven’t donated in…Wow so long I can’t find it on my blog right now. TOO LONG. Anyway, so I was making sure to have no caffeine, take in adequate nutrition, and stay hydrated!

I’m always concerned with my iron levels because the last two times I tried to donate I was turned away. =( That being said I started today with making a big green smoothie! However…I don’t know if it’s cause I tried out almond milk or what but the smoothie was way too thick and would not blend properly. In the end it didn’t taste any good either so I dumped it.

Instead I had a Starbucks Greek yogurt parfait with honey and a spoonful of sunflower seed butter. I took the orange and trail mix to much on in class. Only a little of the orange was consumed. Too stuck for class!

Straight from school I hit the gym for a 30 minute elliptical.I really thought about not working out at all because my body hurt! Every where. My butt, my arms, my legs, my abs. It hurt to move from my session yesterday! So I texted my trainer and he suggested the elliptical and I’m so glad he did. It got all my muscles warmed up and I felt so much better afterwards.


At home I ate a hearty lunch so I would be okay through the blood donation. Forbidden black rice and Japanese curry, with a side of Chobani Champion Strawberry tube. Nom nom nom.

So was I able to donate?

photo 1-56

Yes! My iron levels were stellar! (Thanks spinach!!) I was in and out super fast and it went great. I also talked to the ladies about phlebotomy (what I’m interested in if this nutrition thing doesn’t work out) and they said Pugent Sound Blood Bank is always hiring, so I’d probably have a job fast! They all also seemed to love what they do. =)

photo 2-56

Boy did I start to feel nauseous while the red stuff pumped out of me though. I’m usually pretty picky about my after-donation snacks but today I just chowed down. Pretzel goldfish, a lemon snickerdoodle cookie, and a thing of cranberry juice.

photo 3-32

The nice ladies even made my wrap all fancy once I told them I was going to work after. Look, it’s a bow! =D

I thought I’d be fine at work…but we were slammed tonight and after barring for 2 hours straight I finally felt like I was going to faint. My co-worker switched me spots and I went in the back and devoured a classic coffee cake. Wow, those are good. Later on my 10 minute break I drank a short soy green tea latte with no sweetener. Sorry no photos, it was a hard night.


So hard that once I got off work at 7:30pm I headed across the street to the local Mediterranean restaurant Padria to grab some take-out. This falafel salad was pretty good and I devoured the whole damn thing. Seriously. Half way through I stopped and asked myself if I needed more and I did! I know I could have made a salad at home….but I was so darn worn-out. >.<

I gotta open at 5am tomorrow..so off to bed with me! Thanks everyone for being so understanding with these not so consistent posts.

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