I CAN Do It All.

This day started off with me feeling like a failure. 5am came way too fast so I rolled over, turned off my alarm, and skipped my morning swim. I felt really disappointed with  myself since I felt like I had no other time in the day to fit it in.


When I did get up about 2 hours later, I made a green smoothie that was really so-so. Spinach, milk, yogurt, frozen mango and banana, fish oil, and coconut oil. It tasted too fishy but I slurped it down anyway.

Then I found out that my class started an hour later than normal and I was more upset that I didn’t do my swim!! ARG. My stomach also would not shut up around 11am, and my large growls could be heard by my classmates. O.O Embarrassing!


Lunch was delicious though. I brought a bento full of spinach and a hardboiled egg and topped it with the last of the leftover nopales (cactus) salad mixed with wheat berries. It was so refreshing! To put out the small fire in my mouth from it, I ate a Pear Chobani and then finished off the Crunchy Green Beans I got at TJ’s yesterday.

Once school got out I went straight home, changed, and headed to work.


Around 5pm, I got my only 10 minute break and I made an executive decision to wolf down a Brown Rice and Kale Salad (use only half the dressing) so that I would have the energy to go fit my swim in right after work! It worked brilliantly!

By 7:45pm I was in the pool and I had a great 60 minute lap swim. =D I CAN do it all!


Once I got home around 9pm I decided I needed a little refueling of my muscles. Last two graham crackers with PB and pumpkin butter along with some milk.


That seemed to whet my appetite though so I finished off the last of the peanut butter with a banana. =) Overall I feel really good about my day now. What a difference getting in some physical activity can do for me.

Well..I’m also SUPER exhausted now. Luckily tomorrow is super chill since I swapped my shift at work. Night all!

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