Back to “Normal”

I’m better!! Well…I say I am. Sure there’s a few sniffles, a few nose blowings, some coughs…but I’m better.


Breakfast was a delicious smoothie, this time with mixed frozen berries instead of banana but in all other ways the same as the last few days.

I have to say..I don’t know what’s going on but Vincent is very mad at me lately. He has destroyed TWO phone chargers in less than a week. I try so hard to hide the cords but he keeps finding them. =( Luckily a nice regular at work gave us all $10 Amazon gift cards for the holidays, so I was able to purchase another cord. I wish he’d stop being angry though. He also keeps waking me up before my alarm for no reason. He has food; he has water. T-T He’s just mad at his mom. It’s making sleep very difficult. Any advice?


I was hungry around 10am so I munched on some trail mix during my nutritional counseling class.

Blog UPLOAD117

I was still famished by lunch. Spinach salad with a hard boiled egg, wheat berries, green bell pepper, hemp seeds, dried cranberries, and Annie’s roasted red pepper vinaigrette. I dutifully ate my Greek yogurt and honey parfait while eyeing the amazing carrot cake they were selling in the cafeteria…then my awesome classmate Aimee said we should split one and I quickly agreed. Holy freaking yum. The best carrot cake I’ve ever had. The icing wasn’t overpoweringly sweet, but creamy.

After school I headed straight to the place that healthy people get to go: THE GYM! That’s right, I’m back baby! I did a 30 minute treadmill run and while I kept the speed at only 6 mph I went the whole time, no stops. It felt great.


On my walk back to the car I stopped at work and got a Grande Cool Lime Refresher with green tea instead of water and slurped it down at home while I finished off some popcorn.


For dinner I had a slice of Milton’s Roasted Vegetable Lasagna topped with some fresh spinach with an oily dressing.


I was still unsatisfied though. I ate some unpictured Wheat Thins with a slice of cheese…then half of this chocolate orange. >.< Holy sugar overload. I don’t know what came over me! Trying not to feel sick now.

In one of my classes today we were talking about comfort foods.

One of my childhood comfort foods was instant mashed potatoes with teriyaki sauce.

My comfort food now: Wheat Thins. Right now I feel like they are filling a void though I now they are not. =( I need to stop eating them.

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