One Step Back


Boy was it nice to sleep in today. Well sort of…my alarm went off at 4am and then later Vinni woke me by standing on my throat. >.> BUT I didn’t officially get up until about 9am. Then I made another tangy green smoothie with Evolution Apple Carrot juice, fresh spinach, nonfat yogurt, frozen banana, and fish oil.


It didn’t exactly hold me over though. Around 11am I ate two graham cracker sandwiches with PB&J and a bit of milk.


I worked at 1pm, but came in a little early to work on some homework and drink a double tall ristretto cry cappuccino.


By the time I got my 10 minute break around 4pm, I was sooo hungry. I slurped down this soy strawberry smoothie with two pumps mocha.


About two hours later I got my 30 minute break. I ate my spinach salad with green bell pepper, brie, wheat berries, and ranch, and only half of the artichoke and goat cheese flatbread. I just wasn’t hungry enough for all of it. Also ate some apple slices.


When I got home around 8pm, I knew I needed to eat something more substantial. I have been feeling pretty darn ill all day, including in my stomach. So I reheated the last of the Pacific spicy black bean and kale soup (enter here to win your own!) and enjoyed it with some Wheat Thins (way more than pictured) and two slices of cheese. I also drank a short soy green tea latte with half the sweetener. The warmth really helped me feel a little better.

It’s a little bit frustrating, this sickness of mine. Every time I feel like I’m definitely getting better I’ll have a day where I’m suddenly much worse and with new symptoms. I’ll have been sick for 2 weeks tomorrow. I’m giving it another week before I seek professional help. =/

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