Dinner Club

No I’m not better yet. =( In fact one of my classmates turned to me and said “My god you sound worse!”. It’s true. A lot more coughing today but I’d like to say less phlegm.


Breakfast was toast with crunchy peanut butter, huckleberry jam on one, pumpkin butter on the other, and milk. I went with something hearty because I also ended up drinking a double short ghetto mocha during my three hour Nutritional Supplements and Herbs class. I knew it would be a long one.


Awesomely though, my Friday’s end at 11am! Sadly though, no I’m not scheduled to get in a solid 8 hour shift then when it would be convenient. Instead I spent the day at home working on homework. The reading of boring reports on ethics though made me hungry for two cookies and milk.


For lunch I kept it light with a spinach salad topped with brie, grapes, green bell pepper, almonds, dried cranberries, and an oily dressing.


Ophie-chan was my dinning companion. Yes, we are trying to get used to eating at the table! (Don’t think I told you guys this but I finally have a dinning room table! I brought the patio set in from outside now that I have space for it.)


After many hours of studying I eventually got really really hungry. Hungry for Wheat Thins. I had some with a slice of cheese and kept trucking on my readings. I wanted to get a lot done because….


At 6pm I had a dinner “club” to get to! I’m calling it dinner club because my friend Amanda and I meant while volunteering at the food bank and bonded over our love of books and food. We kind of have a “book club” so I guess we can have a “dinner club”! Amanda is an exceptionally ambitious chief. Tonight she served us Oaxaca Tacos with Black Bean Stew, and Tangy Swiss Chard form the Cafe Flora cookbook! Along with a spinach, jicama, and avocado salad. It was all delicious! I could have been satisfied half way through it but there are some meals that are just worth eating every bite.


After the superb meal we (Amanda, her husband Mike, and myself) sat around with some tea and played Hoopla! It was just enough to get the brain working but not working too hard. ~.^


Then it was time for dessert! One word: WOW. Amanda made lemon trifle! I may be in love with trifles now. This was just so light, creamy, and cooling. Loved every bite. While we ate we planned our next club meeting. Next time though I get to help cook! I’m so excited!

Thank you so much to Amanda and Mike for such an entertaining and scrumptious night!

Anyway I need to head to bed since I open tomorrow. -_- Night all!


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