New Quarter

Since I had my giant breakfast of French toast the night before, I was not ready for breakfast come Monday morning. That’s okay. Eating intuitively is about listening to when your body is hungry, and boy mine was not!


It did get a little growly during my first class of this quarter though, about 11am. To appease it I slipped into my lunch for a baggie of trail mix.


Then it was lunch time. My mother pointed out to me that I rarely liked the food I ate in the cafeteria, so this quarter I’m going old school and bringing my lunch everyday. On Monday I brought a spinach salad topped with: green bell pepper, S&P pickles, wheat berries, parmesan, hem seeds, dried cranberries, and ranch. To finish off the meal I had a Chobani Tropical Flip. Surprisingly these salads have been totally satisfying.

Unpictured afternoon snack: cinnamon dried apple slices.


In this new quarter, my work schedule is crazy strange. I now work evenings! Boy is it a different atmosphere at Starbucks. So laid back! On my 10 minute break around 6pm, my co-worker Aaron and I split an amazing concoction: a soy Orange Mango Smoothie with two packets of blueberries blended in. Holy yum!


When I got off around 7:30pm, I was starving. While I cooked I devoured some cheese and crackers from a Fruit and Cheese Bistro Box. The other pieces were used for my lunch the next day.


Dinner was delicious. Pacific Foods sent me this organic Vegetable Lentil & Roasted Red Pepper Soup to try and boy was it perfection. Just added pepper and a pinch of cheese and had a warm and hearty bowl. Honestly, this is probably my favorite soup company for having interesting flavored, vegetarian, and convenient soups!

P.s. Definitely still sick. Have gross wet cough and constant snot coming out of nose. -_-

Be back tonight with today! ~.^


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