Fighting the Cold

Aha! I’m actually getting today’s post done on today! Huzzah!


Woke up early this morning and made a creamy and delicious green smoothie filled with 1% milk, spinach, non-fat vanilla yogurt, fish oil, coconut oil, 1/2 frozen banana, handful of frozen mango. Surprisingly, these don’t make me cold.

Now I did something stupid today. Feeling still very sick I made myself a to-go mug of TheraFlu-type tea…but the “Nighttime” kind. >.< Oh boy. When the sleepy effect hit me I almost face planted on the desk. My first two morning classes before lunch were ROUGH.


Once lunchtime hit my growling belly was ready for it. Spinach salad with cut up brie, Granny Smith, almonds, dried cranberries, and ranch. Yes I know I need a new dressing! =P I’m really into creamy dressings right now. Yes they are higher in fat but you know what? A little fat is a good thing. To bulk up my meal I also ate a Banana Chobani.

Since I luckily didn’t work today I headed straight home at 3pm, chewed on some vitamin C, and took a two hour nap! Man did it feel good to let my body rest. I am beyond tired of this cold that won’t go away. I really was gonna try getting back to the gym today but I think that was a little over zealous. My exhausted body would not have appreciated it.


For dinner I heated up a free Starbucks Mozzarella, Spinach, and Sun Dried Tomato Panini and added some green bell pepper to it. Yum. I was really hungry for this.


So hungry that it did not satisfy me. I really wanted some PB&J and milk so I made just that.


Then I got back in bed for some Quantity Food Production reading (which I am actually enjoying. The whole foodservice industry has ALWAYS fascinated me. Seriously, I was the little girl who loved to watch the Food Network for shows like Unwrapped.) and munched on these adorable truffles my co-worker Christiana made me for Secrete Santa. The best were the Gingerbread and Pumpkin Spice!

Anyway, I am really trying to stay up with my classes so it’s back to reading for me! Night all!


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