Bleh. I’m feeling really sick tonight so I’m gonna make this a quick one.

photo 1-48

My breakfast at work was the last of my sweet potato frittata, fresh fruit, and a tall iced orange refresher with black tea instead of water. Before this I’d drank an unpictured double short ristretto Americano with one pump Flan (**new Starbucks drink coming soon!) and a splash of breve. I actually really like the Flan syrup because it is very subtle.


For lunch I grabbed a Strawberry Smoothie with soy milk and a pump of mocha. At home I had a whole bunch of things to do. I spent the whole day trying to get my life in order. I can’t believe classes start Monday!

Eventually this sick girl (I did get to go home an hour early from work due to being so sick), took a 45 minute nap.


When I awoke around 3pm I was famished! I quickly devoured this leftover MIGAS leftover from Portage Bay that Delly gave me…


…followed by a packet of kaki-pi. Then I was able to keep going with my stuff. I didn’t get everything done but progress was made!


Around 7pm I finally felt slightly hungry for dinner but not overly. I made do with some leftover Pacific Foods Organic tomato soup and Wheat Thins. Did you know January is Soup Month? Pacific Foods has given me some of their new soups to try and hold a giveaway for all of you! I hope to have that in the coming week so keep coming back. ~.^

photo 2-48

The rest of my night was spent finishing this book and crying my eyes out. I loved it. Please read this.

Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.

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