Lots More Eating Out

Well I made it back safely to the Seattle area and now I’m just non-stop working and trying to prepare for school on Monday. Oh, and I’m still sick. -_- Let me catch you all up.


photo 1-47

I woke up to this beautiful bug stretched across my entire body. I’m sure going to miss her. I’m glad she’s doing so well though. Tammy, on the other hand, is being put down this coming Monday. =(

photo 2-47

I had to stop by Treasure State Donuts to give Steph her Xmas present and in return she gifted me with two free donuts! I got her famous PB&J Bull’s-eye and grabbed Ashton a Maple Bar. We ate them chatting away in her kitchen with a glass of milk. Then I said goodbye to my best friend for at least 6 months. =( I’m so glad we’ve rekindled our friendship, but it makes being away harder.

Next in my day Win and I headed to my mom’s office to get our eyes checked. Mine aren’t holding the LASIK (two years ago!) very well. =/ I may not be able to get them touched up either. No, I don’t want to talk about it.


Around 3pm Win and I hit up our old favorite restaurant, The Mustard Seed, where we grabbed glasses of wine!


And some appetizers: Veggie Spring Rolls and Veggie Asian Tacos. Holy yum. It was fun to munch on this delectable fare while spending our last hours together.


Then after a few errands it was time for dinner with the rest of my family before I got on the plane. Where would I want to eat my last meal? The Stone of Accord of course! ~.^ This time I just got the smaller version of my favorite salad and enjoyed every bite. Warm Brie Salad, I will miss you too.


My flight was perfect. I was the only person on the plane who didn’t have someone sitting next to them so I sprawled out while I worked on John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. The moment I started to tear up I slammed it closed. Now was not the time for me to go to pieces. I finally feel really good about my life. While I read I had a really really good glass of cabernet sauvignon by Radius.

My friend Chris picked me up at the airport and I went home to my babies. Surprisingly they aren’t even mad at me! Just happy to have their mama back. ❤ Way to go babies. We don’t play mind games anymore in this house!



Friday was really special because it was dedicated to spending time with one of my oldest friendships, Delly! She’s a late sleeper though so we waited to get brunch until 11am. Boy was I hungry, but man it was so worth it. We hit up the famous Portage Bay and while we had really bad service (our waitress would not look at us) the food was beyond good. I got the Sweet Potato Frittata: organic sweet potato, roasted onion, Brussels sprouts, locally cured pancetta, Rosecrest Swiss, baby arugula, and 6 year aged balsamic garnish, served with fruit and a slice of homemade organic wheat toast. I loved it but saved half for another meal.

Now Delly and I always do three things together: eat, shop, and drink! So our next stop was the mall where we found out that Romy’s is going out of business!! Wow. This was exactly the kind of shopping I was looking for and I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe now. For soooo cheap!

We also had do some repacking (soo many clothes to fit), hit up the post office (to send extra stuff!) and music swapping. It was so great to just hang out with no rush.


Eventually we got to Lunchbox Laboratory in Bellevue for a three hour dinner! This place is soo fun with all the old school lunchboxes on the walls.


We started with drinks in science beakers! I got the Folsom Prison – Jim Beam, Absolut Mango, iced tea and lemonade. It tasted very watery. But by the time I was done with it I know that it was definitely not that much water!


Delly is pretty much a mac and cheese connoisseur. When she saw they had Gouda Mac for a happy hour appetizer of course we had to try it! It was pretty tasty but I’m not such a mac pro.


My entree was the best burger I’ve ever had in my life though. I got the Burger of the Gods with a black bean patty. It had crumbled blue cheese, candied balsamic onions and a super gorgonzola spread. Wow. I ate the whole thing eventually. With some side salad (that they charge an extra $1 and don’t tell you…)


And since we were already greased up on alcohol we somehow ended up ordering dessert. This was our fatal flaw. We NEVER get dessert because we normally somehow know better. This sent us over the top to STUFFED.

I got the Drunken Elvis: Vanilla ice cream, graham cracker, peanut butter, banana, with a test tube spike of Malibu Banana, Absolut Vanilla, and Irish Cream. Wow, if this is the ending of my drinking binge then I sure indeed did go out with a bang!

When we were finally able to roll ourselves out of there Delly was a champ and let me drop her off at the airport early. Being this sick and knowing I have to get up around 3am really made me feel drained.

Anyway I had an absolute blast with my Delly and can’t wait to see her again soon!!!

Man do I need to get back in the kitchen though. =P

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