Ravenous Cold

So Win and I have both noticed that we are extremely hungry here in Montana. Seriously, is it the cold or just the change in the types of foods we’ve been eating?


Yesterday I had donuts for breakfast one last time. Cinnamon and sugar cake donut, and a nub of the maple bar that was left along with coffee. Totally not what I wanted, but I have no breakfast foods here! As soon as I vowed to hit up the grocery store, a huge box of fresh fruit came as a gift. Well that’s something I can work with…


First thing I did with my day was head to the running shop and put a lot of cash down for the night splint and shoe inserts I need for my plantar fasciitis to recover. Excited by how much better my feet felt in my shoes with the inserts, I headed out for a 40 minute walk in the ice and snow. I would have gone longer but halfway through it I realized I couldn’t feel my toes!


Once I got back Win was finally waking up and it was lunch time. Thank Gods. I was so hungry. I heated up the last of my rice and sesame tofu and steamed some broccoli. Delicious.

Eventually Win got ready and we headed out for some shopping at TJ Max and Ross. Sadly I didn’t find what I was looking for (I really want a vibrant red peacoat), but I did get two new scarves and a sweater.

Blog UPLOAD114

At 3pm Win and I were ravenous. Like couldn’t shop any longer due to crash. >.< Since Stone of Accord was near by and it has my favorite salad, we headed there and split the Warm Brie Salad. Still love it. I also had a Nutty Irishmen, which was coffee and Irish cream.


Ashton picked me up from there and we did something we’ve been waiting at least 6 years to do. We got tattoos together!! Super small and cute ones of course. This little bow has a lot of meaning to me. Mainly, it reminds me to keep putting myself out there and be vulnerable. It’s my new way of living. =)

I promise to post better pictures when I have some.


From there I was whisked off to a dinner party at the Kahl’s. Red wine was enjoyed!


And a delicious salad was consumed! This is one of those packaged bag ones from Costco with kale, Brussels sprouts, and red cabbage. My mother of course did an amazing job and added a bunch of other vegetables to make it truly amazing. I kind of like having a “salad course”, I filled up on mostly veggies!


For the main course all the meat-eaters had pulled pork sandwiches. My dad had asked me what we should bring as the vegetarian dish and I knew exactly what I wanted. French lentils with sage butter is what I made for Xmas last year, so I knew it was outstanding. I had a small serving and saved room for dessert.


Where I couldn’t decide what looked best so I had a sliver of everything. Minty ice cream pie and pumpkin pie with a layer of chocolate on the bottom. I preferred the pumpkin pie but didn’t want to be rude so I ate both.

The rest of the night was spent playing card games, chatting about old times, hearing about new times, and laughing. It was a very fun night.

photo 1-44

My family

photo 2-44

Our amazing hosts!


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