Salad in the AM


Thought I’d share a picture of my favorite Christmas present! Chase got me this shirt that says Hello Neighbor, a mash up of Hello Kitty and My Neighbor Totoro! I love it!


I was up, hungry, at 7 this morning. And I knew exactly what I wanted to eat! Leftover warm brie salad and a black bean and corn enchilada! Yep, I had salad for breakfast.

Then I headed to my podiatrist appointment. =( I officially have plantar fasciitis. It’s apparently very common in runners, especially those of us who are flat footed. The good news is that 95% of people recover quickly once they complete a full month of following the treatment plan. But I need to go buy some special items, not walk around barefoot, and dutifully do my stretches and massages everyday. I will prevail!


After my doctor’s appointment I headed to Starbucks for a free (wasn’t expecting that but woot!) doppio espresso, one raw sugar, hot water, and a splash of half and half. I’m glad it was free because it was not made correctly! It was also written horribly. >.< So I don’t blame the barista.

Next I went to my mom’s house and helped her start to organize her library. However I only lasted a few hours. =( My allergies flared up due to all the dust! I started sneezing all over, became very drowsy, and my throat started to get all itchy and hoarse.


I did get lunch out of it though. A huge spinach salad with red bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, steamed green beans, broccoli, and cold pasta salad with a drizzle of French dressing. It was delicious! Salads at my mother’s house always are. I have no idea how she does it. I never enjoy salads this much when I try to make them at my home.


Since my lunch was pretty light I had a cup of coffee with a few small tea cookies afterwards then headed home. At least I got my mom’s project started and a few books for me out of it. I feel bad I couldn’t do more!


Much later, Ashton picked me up for some adventures. We hit up a little Target shopping, grabbed Starbucks (tall nonfat no whip salted caramel mocha with only 1 pump mocha), picked up her daughter Neea, put down our deposit on tattoos (!!), and found an awesome purse for me at the mall.


Then we grabbed the best fried Chinese food in all of Montana (I can honestly say this is probably true) and ate it while Neea watched My Little Ponies. ^_^ This Sesame Tofu is delicious and I was very hungry. I ate about 2/3 of it with white rice and loved every bite.


Our daily alcohol was brought to us by: Ashton! She mixed up this crazy drink that tasted like a really strong limeade. (we didn’t have any mixers on hand) Couldn’t finish it, but it totally grew on you.


Since we are getting pretty old now, I was exhausted and home around 7:30pm. My dad convinced me to eat an Xmas cookie (He’s totally like me. Pushing it on other people so I don’t eat it myself!) with some hot cocoa. I ate the cookie and half the cocoa and got in bed. Lights out before 9pm. I’m a granny.

Seriously, tomorrow I’m having more veggies!

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