Overfed Christmas

Oh boy was this Christmas filled with a lot of food. >.<


It started with  me getting up at 8am, hungry. Sadly our plans were to eat “brunch” at my mom’s at 11…so instead of making a hearty healthy breakfast of oatmeal I ended up grabbing an Eggnog Boston Cream donut and enjoyed it with a cup of Thanksgiving Blend Starbucks coffee. It was super super delicious, but as we all know, not that filling.


We got to my mom’s at noon. (Win always runs late!) By then I was so hungry I took what was given to me and devoured it. Again, another pastry item. >.< Totally not what I wanted but soo hungry. This was a blueberry cream cheese braid.


While we opened presents I was given a mug of coffee with Bailey’s! I like that we are just embracing the fact that we all like to drink now. I’d never had Bailey’s Irish Cream before. It’s good!


Finally around 1-2pm we ate some real food!! This is the food I wanted to start my day with. Scrambled eggs with a ton of fresh veggies, a tangerine, and a mimosa!


I really wanted to get some work done on my 12 Days of Christmas cross-stitch, but Win is too distracting! She made sure to comment that “25 is the new 55” though. Thanks Win.


Later we snacked on chocolate and played cards. I also finally got to try Starbucks’ Joy Tea. It’s good and peachy!

I got so very tired during the games though eventually we broke for a nap. I passed out for a solid hour and woke up very hungry.


Of course there was food to snack on! Wine (Apothic Red!), veggies and dip, nuts, and crackers with goat cheese and red pepper jelly (which I may be obsessed with).


Our Christmas dinner was still outstanding even with all the snacking. Baked salmon, half a baked potato, and steamed green beans in a cranberry glaze. HOLY YUM. I almost ate my entire plate.


Instead I saved room for my mother’s newest crazy combination: biscotti dipped in red wine? Yes it was actually good. =P


Much later while playing more cards I had dessert of Spumoni. Have you ever had spumoni ice cream? It’s my favorite flavor. I love the pistachio and cherry, and try to get as little of the chocolate as possible. =P

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was filled with family and food!

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