Lots of Drinking

I made it safely home to Montana! Let me try to quickly recap my travels here..apparently I just drank a lot of things. >.<

photo 1-43

My day started after only 4 hours of sleep tops with doing my last opening shift at Starbucks before vacation. On my 10 minute break I sipped down a double short Americano with 1 pump white chocolate mocha and 1 pump peppermint syrup. Festive right?

photo 2-43

On my breakfast break I really didn’t feel like what I brought but once I started eating it it was great! The last of the low-fat Stonyfield Vanilla yogurt mixed with hemp seeds, trail mix, and dried fruit. To drink I had a tall orange refresher with black tea.

photo 3-27 

It was a rough rough shift. Again I was with some co-workers that just couldn’t pull their own weight and expected me to do everything. -_- On my last break, I sipped down a tall strawberry lemonade and tried to breathe.

photo 3-26

Finally it was over and I grabbed a chocolate smoothie with two shots to slurp down on my drive home to grab my stuff and drop off my car. My awesome co-worker Alyssa drove me to the airport!


I got there a few hours early, but I’d rather be early and not stress out. I was really hungry though around 3pm so I ate this Beecher’s Smoked Flagship Penne Salad. It was a smaller portion than this photo looks like and while it was tasty and took away the shaking, it really wasn’t great.

photo 1 (1)-5

What was great though was my best friend Ashton picking me up at the airport and going straight out for drinks! First I got a Gin Blossom at Plonk. Boy were these drinks strong!

photo 2 (1)-4

Then we moved over to the Iron Horse and drank two Ginger Mango Martinis each! Hey, it was Martini Monday!

photo 4-17

We did get a giant order of nachos though that we no where near finished.

photo 3 (1)-4 

It was a really great night catching up with a really great friend. ❤

Merry Xmas Eve everyone! I hope you are all able to spend it surrounded by family and friends. ❤


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