Breaking the Ice

Alright folks. At this moment I am writing this in the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, waiting for my flight to take me home to Missoula, MT! I’m so excited to go spend the holidays with family, though I admit I will miss my Starbucks one and especially my little ones. ❤ Don’t worry, they are being looked after.

Let me try and catch you up on yesterday though!

photo 1-42

I opened my first Sunday shift ever, and to be honest it was the worst shift I’ve ever had! Who you work with makes such a difference and sadly we did not have a good team yesterday. People calling in sick really cripples us! On my 10 minute break I had a double short Americano with one pump white chocolate and a splash of breve.

I didn’t eat these truffles but my sweet co-worker Christiana got me for Secrete Santa and made them by hand! They are in Starbucks flavors!! She also gave me a gift card to Fred Meyer, where we both love to find black skirts for work. ❤

photo 2-42

On my breakfast break I dutifully ate my overnight oats with frozen berries and topped with nuts and dried fruit though I wasn’t feeling like it. I also sipped down a tall strawberry lemonade. Lately I haven’t felt like my normal sweet breakfast. Instead, savory breakfasts are pulling at me!

photo 3-26

My second 10 minute break was around noon so I went ahead and made a lunch of a Chocolate smoothie with soy milk and two add shots. Loved it! Later when I got home I snacked on some Wheat Thins too.

I was surprised by my friend Chris inviting me over to play Magic with him and his friend Jace. I ended up beating them both, but I think it was definitely by accident. =P They were too concentrated on each other.  Haha!

photo 4-16

At 6pm we grabbed Subway and headed to Everett for a game night at another of his friend’s homes. I devoured this 6” veggie on wheat and two cookies. I was starving! Besides veggies, my sandwich had American cheese and a little bit of mayo. I’m accepting that I do like mayo on my sandwiches and there is nothing wrong with that! (Chase hated mayo..)

 photo 5-6

The night was spent making new friends, playing Cards Against Humanity! I ended up winning the entire game! I love how board games/card games can really break the ice. I really hope to be invited back. They were my kind of people. =) I had such a great time and really just let myself be me. I didn’t even need any alcohol! :O

I really feel like I’m finally establishing a real life over here in Seattle. ❤


I just thought these were really really great words. Don’t you agree? Think about it.


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