Solstice My Way

Ok guys the lack of vegetables in my day is quite surprising….but I’m leaving on Monday so I really don’t want to be wasteful! I know that’s no excuse..

photo 1-41

It was the Winter Solstice today so I celebrated on my 10 minute break with a doppio ristretto espresso con ponna. That’s shots of espresso with whip cream on top. I used the spiced whip cream and molasses drizzle! Mmm. I also munched on some cinnamon apple chips. (I also brought those Gingerbread Molasses cookies for everyone for Solstice! I love sharing.)

photo 2-41

On my lunch break I made a meal of a Chocolate Smoothie with soy and two add shots. It was delicious! I’m obsessed. I also had a baggie of trail mix for more texture.

photo 3-25

On my last break after noon, I ate lunch. A free Artichoke and Goat Cheese Flatbread and a tall strawberry lemonade. I was so hungry it tasted outstanding. This is really the only food item in the Evening Program I like.


I got off work at 1pm and headed home to get some laundry done. I was a bit hungry by 2:30 so I snacked on some Wheat Thins and Kerrygold Aged Cheddar. Not too much though.

photo 4-15

And then I headed out with my co-worker and new friend Kimmy for a wine tasting in Woodinville! We tried 4-5 wines at three different wineries and it was such fun to get to know her better and just have someone to chat with. The wine was great as well. ~.^

I resigned myself to a quiet Solstice eve at home since my friend Chris said he was gonna take a nap and maybe hang out later. From our history, I assumed that meant it probably wasn’t gonna happen. I decided to wait until 7pm and if I hadn’t heard from him, head to the store and fix myself a Solstice dinner.


Low and behold around 6:30pm he called me asking what things I liked since he was at the store getting us food. What  a sweetheart! ^_^ Once he showed I put Dijorno pizza’s in the oven and we started playing some Magic. As fate would have it he ended up having to leave after 20 minutes due to a phone call from a friend, but you know what? I was totally okay with that. For me it was the thought that counted, and hell, I got pizza out of it and the knowledge that I truly still had this friendship. I ate my two slices of pizza while watching Xmas movies in bed, browsing pinterest, doing exactly what I wanted.


Happy Solstice everyone!


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