Smoothies, Smaug, and Fish

I just can’t seem to keep up! Sorry this is a day late everyone. I’m really trying to pack my days full of interesting things. It’s the new me. Out and about doing stuff. ^_^

photo 1-40

Yesterday before worked started since I was on at 6am, I had a double short ristretto gingerbread latte. That’s right, I got all the toppings because the spiced whip cream is the best part about this drink!

photo 2-40

On my 10 minute break later I had a Chobani Champions tube yogurt with water.

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When it was finally my breakfast (after 9am?), I ate a overnight oats with frozen berries and mixed in some nuts and dried fruit. I drank a tall orange refresher with black tea. Afterwards I was still hungry and knew I had a long shift ahead of me so I ate a packet of kaki-pi as well. Sometimes you gotta plan ahead so you know you won’t run out of steam! My job is very physical. I’m constantly on my feet rushing back and forth with no breaks.

photo 1 (1)-4

When I was finally off at 1:40pm, I downed (seriously probably way too fast) this soy chocolate banana smoothie. Mmm I’m in love with the Starbucks Smoothies now! This had 19g of protein. O.O

photo 2 (1)-3

Next Chase picked me up so we could head to the second Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug. I brought along movie snacks but we only ended up splitting the kaki-pi.

It was a great movie, though I can’t believe the cliff-hanger it ends on! This was my face at the end: :O

photo 3 (1)-3

Once the movie ended it was dinner time so we decided to go across the street and try Ivar’s. I got a three piece cod fish and chips along with a Caesar side salad.  I was so glad I had that salad to brighten things up with all that fried food! Chase and I tested all the different dipping sauces and I found that my favorite condiment for fried fish is malt vinegar. I ate all the fish, some of the fries, and all the salad. I was very full!


Later at my place we sipped hot cocoa and chatted. I’m so lucky to still have Chase in my life because he is and will (hopefully) always be one of my closet friends.

Well I’ve got more big plans tonight so I may or may not make it back tonight. I promise I won’t leave you guys out though!


4 thoughts on “Smoothies, Smaug, and Fish

  1. Loved the movie but was seriously like a waa-waa-waaaa moment when it stopped right in the middle of the juicy part! The most awesome thing is that we get to wait another year! Boo!
    glad your doing well looking forward to seeing what’s next for ya (only good things :))

    • I know cliff-hangers are the worst! A whole year does seem like a lot time, but at the rate time is flying by I’m not too worried. Happy holidays Heidi!

  2. ARGNHH can’t wait to see it with John while I’m home in the Valley…glad to hear it was good. I was really disappointed with the first one :/
    Also extremely glad to see you’ve got your chin up and are enjoying yourself Robyn (and of course that you and Chase are able to enjoy each other!) ❤
    Wishing you a merry holiday and a super New Year!

    P.S. Email response to come at its own pace!

    • I was pretty disappointed with the first one as well. I felt like this one was better. I have to admit though, I never read the book!

      Happy Holidays to you too!

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