The Life I Wanted

I had such a great day today. For the first time in forever, I 100% felt like this was the life I wanted to be living. I had no regrets and nothing to worry about. I just was myself. =)



My day started super late (maybe 10am?). I didn’t sleep very thoroughly because the kittens were constantly bugging me. Rattling the doors, crying, playing with suitcases, playing with the blinds, ect. I even had to lock them out of the bedroom for a few hours to get some actual sleep. Anyway, when I finally did get up I was starving. Pumpkin Kodiak Cakes to the rescue! Along with a drizzle of almond butter, maple syrup, dried cranberries, and a glass of milk. Eaten on my new dinning room table. ^_^ I finally have the space to bring the patio table and chairs in from outside. It’s like a French bistro in here!

photo 1-39

Next I played Magic with my friend, Chris, (yes we are friends! Just when you accept that some people won’t accept you for who you are, they do! ^_^). Like my new sleeve covers? It’s Grumpy Cat! I didn’t win any…but it was nice to have someone to play with again.

photo 2-39

Eventually we went over to his place to finally watch the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who. We were both starving though so we heated up some free Starbucks Panini’s. This is the tomato, spinach, and mozzarella one of course. Wow, they taste so much better free.

It was awesome to finally see that episode. Now that I’m single, I’m really trying to figure out what fandoms exactly are mine. Does that make sense? I’ve found that so many things I thought I “liked” wasn’t really my liking them but going along with it since Chase did. Doctor Who is “mine”.

Eventually we parted ways and I went back home to do more holiday baking! I thought I was done yesterday but I’d forgotten to bake a batch for Aaron’s family, who had me over for Thanksgiving! Whoops. Easily fixed and dropped off at Starbucks since Aaron was working and leaving to see his parents tomorrow.


Once I got back home, literally while I was climbing my front steps (there’s a lot of them) I realized how crazy hungry I was. I could feel it in my muscles. While dinner cooked in the oven I ate this Chobani Champions tube yogurt. 


By 6pm, my dinner was ready! Sweet potato rounds for dipping in salsa and some refried beans. (Wow are they un-photogenic!!! The horror! I vow to never serve those like that again!)

I couldn’t eat all the sweet potato but later did eventually delve into the Wheat Thins with a stick of pepper jack cheese. >.<

So this day was seriously lacking in vegetables and that’s entirely because I am out! I don’t really want to buy more since I leave Monday but I don’t know if I’ll last.

Hope you all had as good of a Thursday as I did!


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