Adjusting Sails

Today was good.


It started at the late hour of 5am. Since I had the 6:30am little shift I took the time to eat breakfast at home. Last of the Weetabix with trail mix and a drizzle of sunflower seed butter. Mmm I’ve missed this butter.

photo 1-37

When I got to work I drank about half of this double short ristretto soy vanilla latte. So creamy but too much to drink.

photo 2-37

On my only break I was hungry so I ate some celery with Asian vinaigrette and drank a tall orange refresher with black tea instead of water. Seriously Starbucks drinkers, try this! It’s pretty much my favorite creation.

I was off work around 11am. Shortest shift ever right? From there I hit the gym for a 30 minute lap swim. I gotta say, I didn’t mention it yesterday but I was in pain all day. My foot did not like that hour swim I did the day before. I guess I really gotta take it easy. =/ I feel like all my joints are acting up…Even my fingers!

photo 3-22

After my swim (and very small soak in the hot tub..), I headed back to work to grab a free lunch: tomato and cheese savory square and a Grande black iced tea with two pumps syrup. Man was I starving for this. Why didn’t I just got home and eat something more nutritious?


Because I had a tea date at Urban Coffee (across the street from my work ~.^) with my friend I made at the food bank I was volunteering at over the summer, Amanda! We are book club buddies and finally getting to learn more about each other. Urban Coffee is a super cute local coffee shop…I got a little pot of Earl Grey and a gingerbread cookie. It was delicious and I slowly nibbled and sipped my way through an hour of conversation.

Once I got back home I was out the door again to get a package in the mail to MT (Xmas gifts) and hit up Target too for funnsies.


Once I got back home it was 5pm and I was starving. >.< Whoops. I ended up having a pre-dinner snack of Wheat Thins and Kerrygold Aged Cheddar (new find at Target). Kerrygold makes some of my favorite cheeses.


Then I was able to leisurely cook and eat my dinner. Butternut squash ravioli topped with sautéed shredded Brussels sprouts and red bell peppers mixed in Classico Creamy Spinach and Parmesan pasta sauce and a pinch of parmesan. It was very tasty! I’ve been craving tomato sauce. I also enjoyed a glass of Apothic Red.


I feel like I can adjust to this new life. Things aren’t as dark as they seemed.


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