Needing Fulfillment

Ug. I keep falling behind! T.T I’m so sorry folks. I swear things are only getting better from here on out.

photo 1-33

Man yesterday I was just hungry! On my 10 minute break I ended up eating a free Greek yogurt with honey parfait with some blueberries and a short ristretto soy macchiato with a package of honey drizzled over the top.

photo 2-32

On my actual breakfast break I was still hungry! I ate this amazing Asian slaw Chase made and took to his office party, and drank a tall iced Americano with one sweet N low and breve. I tried a bite of this free Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Sandwich without the bacon, but it honestly tasted like cardboard so I threw it away.

photo 3-18

Instead I split a free Artichoke and Goat Cheese Flatbread with my co-worker. Mm much better. Man I loved that slaw though! A plethora of veggies in the morning and so delicious! I’ll share the recipe with you all soon.

photo 4-10

On my last ten minute break I ate a Clementine with some water. I just felt like I could not be filled! 

After work I headed to the gym for a 30 minute run. Unfortunately, my feet are now broken. =( I forced myself though the workout but I knew I should have probably stopped. They hurt so bad now. I need to give them some rest and just swim/bike for a while.


When I got home I had a late lunch (2:30pm!) of a venti Orange Refresher with black tea in place of water, beans in tomato sauce mixed with steamed Brussels sprouts, and (what ended up to be..) 2 cheese sticks with 3 servings of Wheat Thins. Like I said, I portioned them out just so I would know how much I was eating, but allowing myself to eat them all the same.

photo 5-4

Then it was finally time to let my apartment be festive! Like the wreath I got 70% off at Michaels?! I’ve been eyeing wreaths since Thanksgiving!!


Vinni is such a sport and totally loves his Xmas sweater.


Ophie on the other hand slinks around like she’s stuck in a toilet paper roll. She’s such a baby!


Since my dinner plans with Aaron fell through (he’s not feeling well!), Chase and I decided to go out for dinner together. We headed to our favorite Mexican place, Mazatlan, and dove into some chips and salsa. Mmmm.


For my entree I decided to be adventuress and try their fish tacos: sautéed tilapia seasoned in Mazatlan’s authentic way. Corn tortillas topped with pico de gallo and garnished with lettuce, cheese and tomato. served with rice and beans. I ate two and then it hit me how very full I was. Whoa. Normally I feel it come on slowly, but last night it was like hitting a wall. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t feel full all day!


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