Yikes! I almost forgot to tell you all about yesterday, my last day of finals and therefore the start of my much longed for winter break.


Let’s see…I started the day off with a kind of PB&J smoothie! Spinach, fresh blueberries, milk, yogurt, PB2, and fish oil. It doesn’t look pretty (again) but it was tasty.


I blew through my first exam (Advanced Nutrition Principles) and felt pretty good about it. Next stop, the library for a three hour cram until lunch and then my final exam. I ended up snacking on trail mix to stay awake…I was so bored!


By 11:30 am I couldn’t wait any longer and went and had a small lunch to keep me going. Roasted rosemary potatoes and carrots, Field Roast au Vin, and some steamed broccoli. It woke me up and kept me warm.

And then it was time for another 8 minute Diseases Processes final! BAM! Done.

I honestly can’t tell you how hard this quarter was on me. I’d never been this stressed out in my life. I’m still shocked that I made it through and no, I’m not trying to be dramatic.

A bunch of classmates and I were going to celebrate the end of the quarter by going out so I drove my car home and walked the 20 minutes back to school so we could carpool.


And then, even though it was only 2:30pm, we got drinks! And not drinks just anywhere, but at a bar named Wilde Rover after…Oscar Wilde! My favorite writer!! When I saw the Saturday Afternoon (Ste. Germaine elderflower liqueur, Dry Fly gin, fresh lemons) I knew what drink I was having. I ended up drinking two of them. ~.^


Since I’d had lunch not too long again I just picked at some curry fries with a classmate. They were way too addictive.


Another classmate ended up buying me my first tequila shot! Bleh! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


My friend, Desiree, and I!

After getting liquored up (just some of us, we do use designated drivers!!), we headed to Bellevue Square for some shopping. Yep that’s right, buzzed shopping! I was a little worried I’d spend way too much money but I was surprisingly frugal and didn’t buy anything.


Around 7pm we were all parched so we grabbed some Jamba Juice. I ended up trying a Strawberry Banana Smoothie. It was super super creamy and I was so hungry and thirsty I gulped it down.


Then we all headed out into the “cold” (ok compared to Montana it’s not so bad…) and tried to watch the Snowflake Lane event they do. However, we couldn’t see a thing due to the large amounts of people. =/ Oh well, we tried to be festive!

It was so nice to just relax and be myself and hang out with friends, not worrying about what time it was or if someone was waiting for me or whatnot.



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