This is what I kept having to remind myself this morning because for some reason, I felt very very alone.


I started my day off with a “green” smoothie that didn’t turn out so green due to the blueberries in it! Spinach, blueberries, lemon juice, yogurt, milk, frozen mango, fish oil, and coconut oil. It may not have looked pretty, but it tasted delightful.

photo 1-32

I looked pretty though! ^_^ This is my new green shirt. I haven’t worn green in a long time because Chase always hated the color. Today I got more complements then I ever have before! It’s crazy what a difference some color makes.

photo 2-31

My first final was at 10am. Before it I grabbed some free trail mix and nibbled away during the Medical Nutrition Therapy exam. I was a little disappointed that the professor decided to make it cumulative though she told us it was not. =/ I wish I’d studied my old notes more instead of just the new stuff. Oh well though. It’s over!


Instead of being my usual lone self I headed up to Shoreline to meet some classmates for an Advanced Nutrition Principles study group at Panera. I’ve been afraid to go to Panera ever since trying it once before, so I stuck with a cappuccino instead of food, that was actually pretty good. It was huge though so I couldn’t finish it. Before I knew it it was time to drive back to school for my Counseling final.


Since it was afternoon I grabbed some lunch in the cafeteria and ate it in class. (We had a take-home final, so we were just going over the answers and wrapping things up.) Honestly, the lunch was a disappointment so I’m glad I got a really small portion (that still cost over $5!). Vegetarian Baked Kibbeh, spiced lentils & spinach, some marinated tofu from the salad bar, and steamed broccoli. I didn’t eat it all and threw it away. =/ I wasn’t very hungry anyway…


Still trying to make myself not feel so alone I headed straight to my Starbucks and got cozy with a tall Earl Grey Tea Latte while I study studied. It felt nice just to have people and friends around me. I actually got to talk with quiet a few co-workers that I’d been missing lately so it was great. I now have three different meet-ups planned! I got in some solid hours of studying too.


And even my friend who wasn’t really my friend is being my friend again! Wow that was complicated to write. Let me try and explain it…we’re both over each other in any romantic-sense so now we can just be friends. =) He had his 30 minute break and invited me to eat with him across the street at conveyor belt sushi! Since I was feeling hungry, I said sure! And I ordered way too much. =P Let’s see I ate 3 tamago pieces (egg), 6 pieces of tempura yam, and 4 total of inari-zushi (2 eaten later after my run). It was really nice to just hangout and have no pressure.

After dinner I walked over to my gym and did my 30 minute run. I LOVE running right now but my right foot is really acting up. =/ I’m not really sure what to do about it. Any other runners have some tips?

Overall it turned out to be a great day filled with friends. It’s okay to need friends. ❤


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