Starbucks Eating

I’m not so sure on my eating yesterday. I felt like I was doing really well for most of the day, and then things went bad at home and I gave up.

photo 4-9

My my day started with a double short ristretto soy Gingerbread Latte. The spiced whip cream on this drink is the best dang part! Seriously worth it. I really needed this too. I was hungry and very very tired. =/ My sleep isn’t going well.


When it was breakfast time I was starving! I had an all Starbucks meal of: free Greek Yogurt with Honey Parfait (blueberries and nuts mixed in), the other half of the Evolution Fresh Super Green juice from yesterday, and a tall iced ristretto Americano with 1 Sweet N Low (seriously I can’t break this habit…It just adds the taste I’m looking for) and a splash of breve. Everything was delicious but by the end I felt like I needed something savory to balance the sweet.

photo 5-3

On my last break I was hungry but really didn’t want to just eat a pastry because of that. Pastries should be for when I get to purely enjoy them, not rush eat them out of need! So instead I grabbed another pack of blueberries and some water. Mmm soo much better. I did have a bite of the new Gingerbread Loaf today but found I didn’t like it.

After work I stuck to my guns and hit the pool. I compromised though. My body screamed out in tiredness as soon as I started my swim so I did a 30 minute lap swim instead of a long one. I didn’t let myself have any breaks though and freestyle swam with a lot of power the entire time.


It was about 3pm when I had “lunch”. One of my favorite customer’s brought me in a homemade smoothie! I can’t remember all he said was in it but it’s a bunch of fresh fruit, lemon juice, ginger, and a scoop of protein powder. Man it was good! I surprisingly liked the ginger even though it normally makes me ill.


However the smoothie really didn’t satisfy me. I ended up dishing out one serving (16 crackers!) of Wheat Thins and a stick of pepper jack cheese. I ended up having two of these…


Still hungry, I just had an early dinner. A free Hearty Veggie and Brown Rice Salad Bowl! I always just use half the dressing and it is delicious and filling. Plus I can’t beat free for whole grains and veggies. Yep all my meals today were Starbucks pretty much!


Then the day went sour. Chase is packing up his stuff and should be moved out next week so things are a bit tense and sometimes there’s blow ups. I ended up having three glasses of Apothic wine. One red (boohoo it’s gone) and two white while I worried.


Once things had cooled down we ended up just hanging out and watching a movie. (Yeah..I’ll study tomorrow I swear) While we watched we munched on popcorn. Later I had some more Wheat Thins. (I’m thinking I need to handle this trigger food differently.)


Words of wisdom for Saturday. I love this one and I know I’ve shared it here before but it really touches me. I think we all could think about this.

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