Today wasn’t as productive as I would have liked.


I was up early at 7am since Ophelia decided that was the time I needed to get up. After waiting around a half hour, I figured out what I wanted for breakfast: PB&J “quesadilla” with a mug o’ milk. Need more PB&J in my life.

After a bit of studying I drove to the gym for a 60 minute stationary bike. I’m reading a great book by Brene Brown because her TED talk called The Power of Vulnerability really moved me. I live my life differently now because of it. Please take the time to watch this. It may change your world.


When I got back home I was ready for lunch. I ended up with a kale and bean wrap with a little bit of cheese and another free Evolution Fresh Super Green juice. So delicious.


Then, as Chase packed his car full of boxes and left for the day, I couldn’t stay strong any longer. I felt lonely even though I’m trying really hard to be content with just myself. I ended up eating a Chocolate Meringue Cookie I’d brought home for Chase to try. (They come in a packet of two so there was still one for him). Bleh, it didn’t even taste that great yet I ate it anyway.


Later I needed something salty so I ate a portion of Wheat Thins. This morning I took the initiative to bag them in serving size portions for now just so I can get used to eating what is normal and grab another bag if I need more. Still unconditional permission to eat them, just more knowledgeable about how much I’m eating.

While I continued to study MNT and deal with my emotions I had the last of the Apothic White wine. (just one glass)


For dinner I made something pretty darn scrumptious. Sautéed shredded Brussels sprouts cooked in with balsamic and EVOO and tossed with my leftover butternut sage ravioli. Mm I loved the sprouts but am still disappointed with the ravioli. From now on it’s Costco mushroom ravioli or nothing!

Anyway I think I ended up handling the day ok. Sure I could have been more focused on studying (I cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom instead) and could have ate better, but I managed to end the day held together and that’s what matters to me right now.


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