Last Classes

Sorry I was MIA last night! You’ll see why I had no time to post. =(



I started my day off with another green smoothie! I’m obsessed with these right now. They are so good I don’t even change up the ingredients though I know I should for more variety and to just play around with it. Spinach, yogurt, milk, frozen mango, frozen banana, fresh lemon juice, fish oil, and coconut oil. It makes about 1.5 of my little to go-cups and is sooo smooth, creamy, and refreshing.


Lunch at school was a bit disappointing. Nothing looked good, so I ended up with some cottage cheese, fresh fruit, like 3 nuts, and honey. It was actually really delicious!!

Blog UPLOAD107

Though it didn’t hold me over for the rest of my last day of classes. Luckily I’d brought snacks of baked spiced chickpeas and dried apple chips. Later I ended up buying a small bag of Ludberg Rice Chips too. These Fiesta Lime ones were…interesting? They were sour and slightly sweet at the same time. I couldn’t, and still don’t know, if I liked them! They reminded me of rice crackers in Japan. Funky flavors.

As soon as my very last class of the quarter ended, my classmates and I headed to my Starbucks for our very last study session!

DSC01495  .

Which always starts with drinks and food of course. ~.^ I ended up with buying another Hearty Veggie and Brown Rice salad bowl and a tall chocolate chai tea latte. This time I tried it with cow’s milk…bleh. Chai’s for me have to be made with soy. While we went over folate and the methylation cycle (don’t ask), my co-worker and new bestie, Aaron, brought us over some samples(!) so I also had an unpictured bite of blueberry scone. ~.^ What a sweetheart.

Once we were all wrapped up and done I hit the gym for a 30 minute run, running along the some virtual, yet really beautiful parks in California. Love this feature!

When I got home I ate my advent calendar caramel and a few pieces of chocolate orange before forcing myself to bed. It was a long non-stop day!

Friday – today!

When I woke up I was pretty darn hungry so I ate an unpictured Strawberry Banana Chobani Champion tube to get my metabolism going. I really aught to force myself to take a photo because I almost forgot about it without the proof!

photo 1-30

Like my new necklace? It’s Hello Kitty and yes I splurged and got it for myself. I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it but I keep getting such complements on it I think I have to! It looks good with all the black I wear at work. Ya know, for a pop of color!(Our aprons are now black too since we have the Evening Program.)


One of our regulars brought in some baked goods to share! I had a little bite of this peanut butter chocolately goodness with a double short ristretto Americano with a pump of hazelnut and a splash of breve.

photo 2-29

On my 10 minute break I sipped down most of a double short ristretto soy chocolate chai tea latte. I didn’t finish it…in fact I hope it’s still sitting where I left it at work! As you can tell, I’m having a tough time figuring out what to drink lately. I know I need espresso to keep some pep in my step but I don’t really feel like it!


For breakfast I stuck to some Weetabix, banana, trail mix and half of this free Evolution Fresh Super Green juice. Mmm. Really love this one.

photo 3-16

Around 10am I got my last break and surprisingly I was famished. There was free food in the partner box so I went ahead and tried this Cheese & Fruit Bistro Box. I ate 2/3 of the cheese, the crackers, and all the trail mix. The apples looked funky so I left them alone. I was surprised by how hungry I was! I sipped down water with it.


Surprisingly the day flew by and before I knew it it was time to go. My body felt exhausted…I think I haven’t been getting enough sleep. Feeling that I really needed to take it easy I moved my swim to tomorrow and grabbed a Venti Cool Lime Refresher with black tea and headed home.

And then Chase and I headed to Bellevue to do some shopping!


For Linner we hit up (you guessed it) Red Robin! And since it was about 3pm we got drinks. I tried their new moscato something drink…it was way overpowered with rum. Bleh. I drank it but I wouldn’t get it again!


For foods I went with the Whiskey River BBQ Gardenburger Wrap with sweet potato fries. I ate half there and half when at home later for dinner.

Shopping was fun but I really need to get my final Intuitive Eating paper done with and then worry about studying. >.< Yikes. Tomorrow?

Wanted to end with this:


Night all!


3 thoughts on “Last Classes

  1. I love your picture! You look really striking and the necklace with the black shirt is very tasteful 🙂 I didn’t even know it was Hello Kitty! Just curious, how far are you in school and what would you LIKE to do afterward? I know in older posts you have expressed some discouragement and hesitation about what you are studying. Is it the material or the program or both? I don’t mean to bring up a touchy subject if it is one, but I just want to know what you really like and how those things are going now. I know the feeling of being pestered about school, especially when I was hating it 😦 Wishing you well! ❤

    • Thank you Adriana! Honestly I’ve been surprised by how many people can’t tell it’s Hello Kitty! =P Then again, I am a HK nerd so..

      I am in my senior year of school and if I finish this (which I intend to…) I will have a BS in Nutrition along with DPD status so that I can apply for a dietetic internship which I need to do before I can take the RD certification exam and be an RD (Registered Dietitian). I’m hesitate if I am on the right path because the majority of RD do is clinical work in hospitals, telling people what calories/protein/fluids they should be eating. Well this is kind of the opposite of intuitive eating which is what I’m passionate about.

      At the moment I intend to go ahead and finish my RD path and once that’s over go on to become a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. In a perfect world I would start my own practice with that and work with people with disordered eating and altered relationships with food. It just sucks that to get to this I have to jump through a lot of hoops doing things that I don’t feel are right (like telling people what to eat ect.)

      Hope that makes sense!! Let me know if you have any more questions!

      • Yes, it does. I understand your hesitation about pursuing a practice that will require you to engage in the type of work you don’t want to. I am in the process of applying to medical school and it can really suck any desire I have to practice medicine right out of me. I am extremely passionate about cell biology and physiology and have wanted to be a physician since early in high school. The things that you “need” to get you there really leave no room for genuine interest and sometimes I feel so far removed from why I am choosing this. I have to remind myself all the time, especially when I am most doubtful, that I really love medicine and don’t want to settle for something else. I can see your passion for intuitive eating and your wish to put it into practice and I really admire you for it. Seeing how much you love it and truly want it for YOU and not for other people or how it look on paper (like 99% of the pre-meds I went to school with -_-), I have faith that you can make it through the crap and have an intuitive eating practice. Keep at it Robyn, remember why you are doing this! ❤

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