December 1st

Sunday was another mediocre day for me. I managed to sleep in until 8am (after only waking up once), then realized how hungry I was and made breakfast.


I made what I felt like too. Pumpkin Kodiak Cakes drizzled with maple syrup, almond butter, and sprinkled with craisins. The pumpkin always makes these cakes sooo moist. I loved them.

And then after eating I realized just how tired I still was and went back to sleep until noon. Yeah, it was one of those mornings. It didn’t help that it was the darkest and dreariest day we’ve had in a long time.

Once I woke up I knew I needed to get to the gym. I got my gym clothes on and was all ready to head out the door when my stomach started to feel ill. =/ Still trying to listen to my body, I waited it out.


And had lunch instead! Three pieces of pizza with a big mound of sautéed kale. I need my produce back in my life.

The lunch helped a lot and by 2pm I was at the gym doing a 60 minute stationary bike. I love giving myself a full hour to just sweat and read. Anyone have any good book suggestions? I’ve just been reading a lot of personal growth ones…


Once I got back home I found I needed a snack to help my muscles. I bought this Chobani Flip yesterday and it was punctured in transit! =( It tasted delicious still, but I’d have rather have saved it for meals away from home.

The rest of the day was spent getting my clinical summary sheet done for my Medical Nutrition Therapy class on type 1 diabetes mellitus.


Around 4pm I was feeling bleh about my life so Chase and I had some wine. It took me all evening to slowly sip this down. Every time I have a glass of wine (ok everyday) I think to myself “I’m just following the Mediterranean diet!” ~.^


For dinner I had some brown rice and quinoa mix, beans in tomato sauce, and more sautéed kale. Honestly, it tasted wonderful all together. I need to get back to more meals like this.


Having another project finished, I spent the last few hours of my night working on my cross-stitch, The 12 Days of Xmas! Plus, since (OH MY GOODNESS) it’s December 1st already, I opened my advent calendar.


Not sure if I showed this off before but I purchased the Starbucks Advent Calendar the very first day it was released! I love that it comes in these adorable reusable tins on a magnetic chalkboard. I know I’m going to have to figure out an amazing use for it once it’s done.

Advent calendars have always been one of my favorite holiday things. I remember how excited I’d be when my parents would get me one as a little girl. =) Of course I’d always forget to keep up with the days and then have like 6 to eat all at once.

The vanilla caramel inside my tin was delicious. ^_^


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