Better Than Yesterday


This is what got me through the day today. I feel like too often I let myself be in a rut because “I’ve been through a lot lately so it’s okay to feel this way” when, if you tell yourself that everyday, it never gets any better. So each day now I just try to be better than I was the day before. It really helped thinking like that. No it wasn’t a great day by any means, but it was better than yesterday and that to me is progress.


Ophie didn’t allow me to sleep in (she’s figured out that my ears are no longer pierced so she can try to suck on them..) so I was up around 7am to eat breakfast. I ended up with a PB&Huckleberry jam “quesadilla” with a mug of milk.


By lunch time I found I wasn’t hungry. Instead I was thirsty so I had this Columbia Gorge Organic Smoothie Vita Sea . It was exactly what I wanted and tasted superb.


Around 3pm I had an afternoon snack during my last counseling class. Apple and a little thing of Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter blend. I got this cute little packet from some Starbucks Protein Boxes we were throwing out due to passing their expiration dates. The nut butter’s still good though!

Sadly this apple totally set my stomach off even though I did wash it. Perhaps it had to do with those Lady Days coming too but I quickly felt sharp pains and bloating. I still forced myself to do a 30 minute run after class though!


After picking up tips ($55!! Love working a holiday.), my new bestie Aaron gave me a Venti soy Chocolate Chai Tea Latte to sip on and recover from my workout. ❤ I couldn’t drink the whole thing but it was very soothing on my stomach.


For dinner I finished off my pineapple and olive pizza with a mound of sautéed kale and a glass of (thanks Heidi!) Apothic White. Meh, I think I’m really becoming a red wine kind of girl unless the white is really sweet.


Later I found myself really wanting something salty to snack on. I decided to make a healthy decision and finished off some carrots with Ranch! Mmm!

So far, I feel like this week is off to a good start. Here’s to being even better tomorrow. Cheers.


2 thoughts on “Better Than Yesterday

  1. Hooray for it being a better day! Ahh you found it, I am definitely a red wino but when I drank the Apothic White It was in the summer chilled maybe you’ll like it when it warms up again. Summer is the only time I drink Chardonnay or any other whites . I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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