Making & Losing Friends

Playing massive catch-up today. I’ve had some really great days and some bad ones, so I’ve been avoiding everything. Plus there’s been a real lack of vegetables and a plethora of refined carbohydrates…



I tried to set myself up on a good start for Thanksgiving morning with a Chobani Champion tube. Get my metabolism going nice and early.

photo 1 (1)-2

However on my 10 minute break at work I ended up devouring another one of those high calorie, super high saturated fat, Snowman Cookies, with a mug of Thanksgiving Blend coffee brewed on the Clover. I felt SO sick after eating this cookie. I should have had a bite and just threw the rest away. It’s so hard to turn down free sweets though.

photo 2 (1)-2

Once my breakfast break came around I was perfectly happy with my light meal since that cookie was so awful. I had ants on a log (gave my Pilipino coworker her first taste of one too!) and a venti Valencia Orange Refresher, no classic syrup, and passion tea in place of water. It was a super refreshing lunch.

Once I got off work (man were we busy! I can’t wait to pick up tips on Monday!), I headed home and quickly changed because I had plans for Thanksgiving! That’s right, when my sweet coworker, Aaron, found out my sister wasn’t able to come visit and that I was all alone he invited me along to his family Thanksgiving. =) The recluse in me wanted to say no and just eat a whole pie, in my PJ’s, at home by myself…but I’m becoming the person I want to be so off I went!


Aaron may be my new favorite friend too because the moment I got to his apartment he handed me a to-go mug full of wine for the road! ^.~ He knew I’d had a rough day at work. The hour drive to Mount Vernon (where his parents live) was full of conversation and laughter with him and his sister, Amanda.

photo 1-25 

On arrival, his whole family was extremely welcoming. I never felt like the shy awkward girl at someone else’s party like I used to. =) I snacked on a few crackers and cheese (Cougar Gold is apparently a really big thing here!) and smoked salmon while having another glass of wine and telling my Montana girl story to everyone.

photo 2-24

Me and Aaron! We sent the photo to our boss, Carla, who we absolutely love.

photo 3-14

For dinner: mashed potatoes, green beans, a really flaky roll, and some fruit salad. I had second on the beans and drank another glass of wine. ^^ I drank way more than I ate on this holiday.

photo 4-7

I didn’t turn my nose up at a slice of homemade pumpkin pie by Aaron’s grandmother.

It was such a pleasant night I am extremely glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone and went.


photo 1 (2)

Due to the high amounts of drinking and smaller amounts of food…I woke up the next day absolutely starving. I ended up having half of this Artichoke and Goat Cheese Flatbread before it was even 7am!

photo 2 (2)

On my 10 minute break I sipped down this short dirty (meaning one shot added to it) soy, no-water, chai tea latte.

Blog UPLOAD106

For my lunch all I wanted was more hearty food. The Roasted Tomato & Mozzarella Panini is disappointingly bland! Seriously, I would not buy this sandwich again. I should have just had another free flatbread. =P With it I sipped down another Valencia Orange Refresher, no Classic syrup, and passion tea in place of water, plus an organic Granny Smith I brought from home.

Like I said, I was hungry!!

photo 5-2

It didn’t stop there either. On my last 10 minute break (I ended up working for 9 hours since it was Black Friday), I devoured a free Blueberry Scone with half of a free Evolution Fresh Pineapple Coconut Water. It’s really hard to turn some things down, especially when you’re famished. >.<

Once I finally got off work I hit the gym for a 50 minute lap swim. You all know I love swimming, but lately it’s been really hard. I just can’t quiet my brain to relax. Instead I’m thinking over things I don’t want to think about so the minutes drag by.


Once I got home around 3pm I was really hungry again. I tried to keep it clean with a baked potato with a sprinkle of cheese, sautéed kale, and some jarred jalapenos. It felt so good to eat something fresh!


And still I wasn’t done eating for the day! Later, Chase and I got some Dijorno pizza’s, mine’s spruced up with pineapple and black olives. I ended up eating three slices.

The day got worse when a close friend of mine told me we were over because they were afraid of getting hurt. =/ (This is the guy I went on the bad date with. I’m sorry that he feels he has to live his life scared of being hurt. It’s not going to get him anywhere.) It’s hard but sometimes you just gotta let people go and accept you got all that you were supposed to.



Finally on to today!!


Surprisingly when I woke up this morning I didn’t feel sad or hurt or upset. I felt ready. Ready to move on completely with my life and stop letting other people hold me back or make my decisions for me.

On my 10 minute break I had a double short Reduced Fat Eggnog Latte while I worked on writing in my journal. I know me from a year from now will love to look back and read these entries so I’ve been trying hard to get my feelings down.


On my breakfast break I ate a free Greek yogurt with honey parfait which I mixed in some raisins and nut mix too. I also finished off that pineapple coconut water from yesterday.

It was an abnormally slow Saturday so I got let go a half hour early. I used that half hour to hit the gym to make up for Thanksgiving and did a 30 minute run in virtual Germany! I’m kind of in love with these machines.

photo 1-26

Afterwards I swung back by work and got a venti hot chocolate with 1 pump vanilla and 1 pump caramel, nonfat, to share with Chase. He requested it. =)

Once I got home we headed to Target to get a few items. Whoa, I totally forgot that Black Friday is more like Black WEEKEND now. It was soo busy! Definitely will avoid that next time.

photo 2-25

By 3pm I was really hungry for lunch so we decided to stop at Chipotle. I was super excited to see that they have the new Sofritas! It’s their new organic tofu that’s been shredded and braised with chipotle chilies, roasted pablanos, and a blend of spices! I got a big ol’ burrito (really would have preferred a bowl) with brown rice, pinto beans, lettuce, and salsa. I ate the whole damn thing. I don’t know why I am so hungry these past few days. =/ But, I trust my body. AH! Just put two and two together. Guess what happens next week? =P Silly female hormones.


When we got back to my apartment I forced myself to get some school work done. =/ It’s really rough but I only have another week and half so I’ve got to do it. To help, I had a glass of Apothic Red wine.


Later I got munchy and stupidly went for for a pepper jack cheese stick and the last of the Wheat Thins.  Maybe this isn’t the best time in life to be working on this trigger food. >.< They are gone again…

Anyway I’m so glad to be caught up and I apologize for taking so long. This is something I love so I need to find the time to get it in everyday. I’m letting too much shit get in the way and that needs to end!!

I will see you all tomorrow.


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