Wine Party in the Back

Today was a really great day. In fact, so great, that I’m worried I don’t have time to give it justice before bed, but if I don’t write I’ll forget all the amazing things about it!

photo 1-24

Let’s see..on my first 10 minute break I had a ristretto double short Americano with one pump peppermint and some steamed soy. It was so so. To be honest our espresso machines have been worked on and they just don’t seem to produce the same taste anymore. Honestly I drink them because I need the caffeine.


For my lunch I finished off some plain low-fat yogurt mixed with cut-up pear, trail mix, and hemp seeds. It was delicious! I loved all the textures and did not miss a more carbohydrate component like oats or granola in it. To drink I had a delicious Venti Valencia Orange Refresher, no classic, and cut with passion tea instead of water. I’m sort of in love with this drink.

photo 2-23

On my last ten minute break I was so hungry I ended up sampling half of a Caramel Pecan Sticky Bun. >.< Regretting this huge intake of calories I threw out my drink with the bad espresso! Water please.

photo 3-13

I ended up staying on an extra hour at work because….I got to do a free wine tasting in the backroom! ~.^ Like I’ve mentioned before, my store is just starting the Starbucks Evening Program, so we get to taste all the things so we can tell people what they’re like! This Apothic Red was the big hit. We all loved it. It’s a blend and has hints of vanilla and mocha.

photo 4-6

Even with these tiny pours, I ended up tipsy. Luckily, I just had to walk to the gym for my 37 minute lap swim. Shortened because, you guessed it, I was a bit too tipsy for swimming! (Yes I get the Asian flush!)


After my workout, I headed back to Starbucks to get some good ol’ homework done. When I go home and try to work there are too many things to distract me. TV, kittens, FOOD! Staying away from the apartment really helped me today. I ate a lunch of carrots and celery with ranch, a big glass of skim milk, half an unpictured apple and..


The other half of the white chocolate cherry brownie Ilona made me! I almost forgot to take a picture. This piece was much bigger!

Besides getting work done I also was very social and I feel like I’ve made a lot of new acquaintances and a lot of progress at just being me and exposing myself to the world. I know I haven’t talked about these internal changes I’ve been working on but I really do plan to! Perhaps this mini break is a good time to do it. Not tonight though, I need to head to bed!


For dinner Chase and I went and found that same bottle of wine, the Apothic Red, because he really wanted to try it! He ended up actually liking it which was a shock. I gave him my glass even. Getting tipsy once in one day is enough for me. Food-wise I reheated ravioli, Brussels sprouts, and caramelized leeks. 


And then, since my freaking pumpkin pie had started to mold some (!!!!!!!) I had a small piece. ^_^ I bought this baby to eat on my first Thanksgiving alone, at home, hiding from the world. Instead though I’ve made other more social plans, so having a piece tonight instead of the whole thing tomorrow seemed fine.

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!


4 thoughts on “Wine Party in the Back

  1. Apothic is a favorite of mine. They also make a white blend but I think it only comes out for a limited time during summer?? Gotta try that one if you love the red. 😉

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