The Princess and the Bee

I haven’t forgotten to post about Tuesday!! Just getting behind…already. -_-


Breakfast: whole wheat toast with crunchy peanut butter, one with pumpkin butter, one with huckleberry, and the very last of the 1% milk. =( I’m always sad when the milk runs out but at least I’m not wasting any!


I was definitely feeling the tiredness yesterday morning. Ophelia’s new favorite thing (okay she’s been doing it for about a month now..) is to wake me up 1 hour – 30 minutes before my alarm goes off by head-butting me constantly and digging to get under the covers. It’s been brutal. Anyway, due to this I made myself a double short ghetto mocha. Mmm.


Lunch was tasty but nothing special. Brown rice, baked beans (that were disappointingly crunchy) and kale.


My friend, Ilona, surprised me with a homemade white chocolate cherry brownie in thanks with me helping her save money on Xmas gifts at Starbucks. I couldn’t resist eating half!


In my final class I was starting to think about eating the other half but decided I would probably be happier with my choices if I ate my packed snack of a little bit of trail mix and an apple. I actually ended up saving half the apple for later because I was too full!

After class I rushed down to the gym for a 30 minute run. These awesome treadmills have built in screens and a “virtual route” mode that lets you choose a location, for example I did the south island of New Zealand, and run along amazing cliffs and such! It was such fun!


When I got home though I needed some food. I ended up eating way too many Wheat Thins and finishing off the cheese. =/ Bleh. I’d like to think I’m making progress on this trigger food but I’m not so sure.


Chase and I had made plans for dinner though so I still ended up eating more. Check out these awesome Brussels sprouts on their stock!


I ended up sautéing them with EVOO, passion fruit balsamic, garlic, and cranberries and putting them on top of ravioli. Holy yum. Why don’t I eat Brussels everyday?! I also had a glass of wine…Boy was I full after this.


Not so full that I couldn’t be the crazy cat woman I am though and get some shots of my baby girl.


The princess and the bee. ❤ It’s her favorite.

Be back tonight!

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