Can we all just take a moment to check out the beauty of this photo my Dad took out on some lonely lake in Montana yesterday? Wow right? How could you not be at peace there. It makes me long to be home.


Since I got to bed so late last night, I decided I wasn’t gonna get up early and swim but sleep in. Of course I was still up at 6:30am but hey, it was nice to have a leisurely morning in bed, listening to feel-good music and checking email peacefully.

Then my tummy started grumbling so I made one more amazing green smoothie. I’m out of spinach now! T.T These smoothies have so been rocking my breakfasts. I cancelled my CSA (due to money and not being able to get through the produce fast enough) but I guess I’m just gonna have to go out of my way to get some spinach now!


My stomach was loudly growling for lunch by noon. Sadly the hot lunch was not impressive today. I got a small bowl of brown rice with some carrot and yam blended curry (which was under seasoned so I didn’t eat it all) and a blackberry, honey, and almond nonfat yogurt parfait.


It didn’t quiet hold me over though. During my long counseling class I munched on a baggie of baked spiced chickpeas. It was actually a really good class today and I left feeling like I’d figured out some issues I’ve been mulling over. I felt at peace with my thoughts for once.

I headed to work and picked up tips then walked on over to the gym for a 30 minute run. I gotta say, I really love that my workout can be different everyday. This gym is totally worth the money.


When I got home I was famished. I know I should have just forced myself to make dinner but instead I dove into Wheat Thins and cheese.


I was able to stop and make real food though when I realized I was hungry enough for a meal. I don’t have to wait for Chase to get home anymore which definitely helps me eat when I’m hungry.

I nuked a small potato and topped it with sautéed kale, half a Field Roast sausage, and some caramelized leeks. Delicious.


Then I spent the rest of the night getting stuff done (such as coating my nails in a protective layer of clear cost. All the chemicals and water at work destroys them) while sipping on a glass of wine and two pieces of chocolate.

I did have a moment of going back for more Wheat Thins but after a few bites realized I was doing this out of LONELINESS and that it was not the answer. I don’t need to be lonely by myself. =) So now I’m rocking out to music and being at peace with myself. So much better than stuffing myself.

Night all!

2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. That’s it! food may temporarily feel the void but then when your done you still feel empty and usually feel worse… Well done Robyn, were all a work in progress!

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