One Good Sunday

Yesterday was pretty much a perfect Sunday. =)


I slept in for the first time in probably over a month! That’s right, once 8am rolled around though, my body said “Feed me!”. I made another awesome green smoothie with the same ingredients that I’ve been hooked on: fresh spinach, frozen mango, one big scoop of nonfat yogurt, 3/4 cup milk, coconut oil, and fish oil. This baby was the perfect amount and consistency. I’m getting better. ~.^

(Off topic: see my cross stitch!? I finally was able to get the inside lines correct.  Now I just can wait for the next part of the pattern to be released in order to fill it in. ^_^)

After breakfast, I hit the gym for another 60 minute bike so I could finish my book. After Dark by Haruki Murakami was a very interesting read. I never know how to describe his books because they are pretty strange but this one had some great quotes. Here’s a good one:

People’s memories are maybe the fuel they burn to stay alive. You know, I think if I didn’t have that fuel, if I didn’t have these memory drawers inside me, I would’ve snapped a long time ago. I would’ve curled up in a ditch somewhere and died. It’s because I can pull the memories out of the drawers when I have to- the important ones and the useless ones – that I can go on living this nightmare of a life. I might think I can’t take it anymore, that I can’t go on anymore, but one way or another I get past that.”


Once I got back home it was past noon and my body was very hungry for lunch. So hungry, it let the smell of Chase’s toasted PB&J sandwich decide what it wanted! I don’t normally like PB&J sandwiches, something about the texture of the bread, but by adding some crunchy celery sticks on the side it wasn’t half bad!


A few hours later, enjoying starting my other holiday cross-stitch, I made a double short, half caf, ghetto Mocha. (espresso, hot water, plus a packet of instant hot cocoa). Mm it was so good. Like I said it was an excellent Sunday. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Blog UPLOAD105

In the evening Chase and I headed to Bellevue square so I could make a return and we could grab some dinner! I had a sushi craving. We ended up at Blue C and spent way too much money on ourselves! It was freaking delicious. I had one too many rolls but hey, it was that good. Plus we had a great time with each other’s companies. I really do think this whole friend thing is gonna work. (crosses fingers)

To end this wonderful day we saw the new Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire! I was very excited for this since I loved the books. The movie was…better than the first one, but still far below the books in my opinion. I just feel like no one is developed enough! I still enjoyed it though. =)

Here’s to a short week!!


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