In Control

Man I just can’t keep up! =/ Honestly though, I feel like I’m getting back in charge of my life, very slowly, day by day. It feels good but it’s still like sitting on a scared horse that’s ready to bolt at any moment. I just try to hold on tight and keep in control.


When I felt like a smoothie for breakfast, I made one. If I got hungry again later, I know I could eat. This baby was delicious with fresh spinach, nonfat yogurt, 1% milk, frozen mango, coconut oil, and fish oil.

photo 1-20

Does anyone notice that my eyes are lighter? Towards the iris. o.O I know it may be crazy but my friend Desiree noticed today and now I do too! I’ve always had dark almond brown eyes but now I see hazel and flecks. I can only hope my eyes change beautiful colors like my sister’s did. She has crazy green hazel ones now. ❤


Around 10am I got hungry so I ate this blueberry Trio bar I’ve had for emergencies in my backpack. I’m so over these bars! They are far too sweet.

By the way, that 8 min exam I took last week? Only missed two questions. ^_^ Started to write that sentence as “Not to toot my own horn…” but you know what? YES. I will toot my horn because I’m proud of me and there’s nothing wrong with that!


Lunch was extremely yum. Orange tempeh, brown rice, and sautéed veggies. Nom nom nom.

photo 2-19

Since it was Thursday, my study group met after we got out of class at 5pm and I had a short wet cappuccino and some amazing pumpkin bread my friend, Ilona, made.

 photo 4-5

I had dinner plans with my friend Bill though, so the study session was short and sweet. Off to Mazatlan I went to use a really good Amazon Local deal I bought awhile ago. Started with a few chips and salsa and a big margarita! YUM.

photo 5

For my entree I got veggie enchiladas. I ate about 1/3 of this and enjoyed catching up with Bill. =) I’m all about getting advice now and he had some great stuff. It was an excellent conversation.

Hope you all are ready for a good weekend!

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