Guys this post may seem a little negative…but I had a really bad experience!

The day started off well. My body woke up early and I got some homework done while waiting for the gym to open. I wasn’t feeling a swim so instead I did a wonderful 30 minute run on the treadmill. I’m really improving! The time was over before I knew it.


Once I got back home I made a smoothie with fresh spinach, frozen pineapple and mango, 1% milk, coconut oil, and fish oil. It was pretty tasty and I even got Chase to have some! Like my adorable little Halloween cup? It has a crazy straw built in. ^_^ It’s the perfect size, about 8 oz.


Okay so my breakfast wasn’t enough. By 10:30am I said screw it and ate lunch. Leftover spinach and mushroom ravioli with steamed broccoli, caramelized leeks, and balsamic glaze. Mmm.


By noon I was hungry again. -_- Apple and PB to the rescue!


At 2pm I needed more. Okay so I really need to make sure I start my day with a solid meal or I never seem to catch up! Wheat Thins, cheese, cherry tomatoes ensued.

So..I had my very first date planned for last night. I’m an extreme introvert, so this brought out a lot of social anxiety in me. I ended up eating a portion of rice crackers and peanuts while I worried about the date.


On the date I had some minestrone soup with crackers. It was tasty but my nerves were in full on mode so I just ate enough to seem interested.

So….how did the date go? Really badly. >.< I know, I know. I don’t think I have a lot of male readers but if there are some out there I’d like to help you all out with a few dating manners:

  1. Just pay if it’s the first date. Do NOT ask if we want you to pay. That’s just awkward. We can save equality for another date.
  2. Tell her she looks good. She most likely was worrying about what to wear all freaking day.
  3. When the girl finally works up the courage to talk, don’t ignore what she says and switch the conversation to something menial that she cannot contribute to.
  4. Do NOT text your buddies in the middle of dinner! I don’t care if they text you, leave your phone alone. It’s rude!
  5. At the movies, don’t go buy yourself a bunch of snacks and don’t offer her any. Yes you may know her well enough that she’s gonna say no thank you, but it’s still polite to offer.
  6. Show some damn interest in her!! Yeah you may be nervous too, but step up!
  7. When you get back to your place do not tell her you’d really like it if she would leave now so you can go to sleep. If you need to work that early the next day maybe it wasn’t the best night for a date. -_-

Anyway, I hope we can all laugh and learn from my life. ^_^ I’m really trying hard to.

Here’s to a better week!

For laughs, describe the worst date you’ve ever been on.


4 thoughts on “Manners

  1. That date sounds like a disaster! I’m not old-fashioned, but I believe in civility and social mindfulness at least! My boyfriend said it almost sounds made-up. I also can’t stand people texting throughout a whole dinner. I mean, why did you even come? Sorry to hear your date was so wacky…don’t let it get you down though. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders 🙂

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