Kiss Me, I’m Single

Since I’m not as stressed out anymore due to actually doing drastic things to fix my life (aka singledom)…my appetite is back! O.O

My morning started off bright and early for a 35 minute lap swim. I just couldn’t stop my mind from going over and over that awful date so that’s why it was a short swim. I just couldn’t focus!


Once I got back to the apartment I made a PB&J quesadilla (no cheese…) with a glass of milk. Mmm devoured.


While working on my blog post and doing some studying (okay really I was googling “How to bounce back from a bad date”)  I realized I really needed something to up my spirits and that something was a ghetto mocha! 2 shots of espresso with a packet of milk chocolate hot cocoa and some hot water. Holy yum.

I really enjoyed my walk to school in the rain today. It’s the best time I get to just listen to music and enjoy being me.


Lunch was surprisingly good today! Artichoke & Shallot Tart, Kidney Beans & Tomatoes, salad with blue cheese dressing. Everything tasted great and made me feel warm inside.


Around 3pm I had a really delicious Granny Smith apple in my counseling class. I love tart apples.


It didn’t hold me over for very long though. After a wet walk home I still needed snacks while waiting for dinner time. >.< Two pieces of dark chocolate and lots of carrots and celery with ranch. Like I said, appetite back!


Chase and I hit up Costco for dinner since I really needed gas (and Wheat Thins!). This gooey slice of cheese pizza hit the spot though I seriously need to stick to getting my butt back in the kitchen now. My veggies are waiting!

Anyway life didn’t feel so bleak today even after all that bad date rut. Why? Because I read the most amazing book called Kiss Me, I’m Single: An Ode to the Solo Life by Amanda Ford. It’s changed my life. I know now what I really need to do to be okay with myself and just try to have fun. =) I highly recommend it for any other single women (sorry guys, it’s very much written for us) out there. I read it through my public library, but I’m honestly considering paying the somewhat high Kindle price so I will always have a copy to re-read at a moments notice when I need to smile and feel good.

One excellent passage from it:

But do not be so intent on finding another that you forget to see yourself. Do not be one of those foolish women who think that the love they give themselves is less important and less fulfilling than the love they get from men. Believe that it is just as important for you to get to know yourself as it is for you to get to know your lover. Believe that the love you offer yourself is essential and divine. Believe that the most important relationship you will ever have in your life is the one that you have with yourself. Believe it down to your bones: the search for another person must never preclude the search for yourself.

Night all!


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