Can’t Win Them All

A word about today’s eats: Can’t win them all..and that’s okay.


Morning started with half of a satsuma. I ended up eating the other half later in the morning on a break. I really wasn’t even hungry for this, but starting my metabolism up is important to me so I ate.

photo 1-18

Once I felt good enough about my appearance for work, off I went! It’s funny that, even though I’m not even looking for anyone, I feel like I care more about how I look now that I’m single. It just makes me feel better when I think I look okay. That’s not crazy right?

photo 2-17

On my 10 minute break I downed a double short egg nog latte. With the two shots, this is pretty much just 4 oz egg nog cut with 2% milk. I know that’s still pretty high in fat but hey, at work I need this to keep me going!


Surprisingly, today though, I was given my breakfast break early at 8am! I could have survived off that fat awhile longer, but when you’re told to take your break you take it. I ate my packed Weetabix with fresh blueberries and an oatmeal nut melody mix. Mm mm. I also sipped on an unpictured tall iced Americano with 1 pump hazelnut and breve. Meh, it was okay…definitely not my drink though!


Once I was finally off work (omg it was the slowest shift ever), Chase and I had a friend-date to get lunch and do some shopping. I’ve been craving Red Robin so we hit it up around 1:30pm. I ended up trying their new Smoke & Pepper burger with a Gardenburger patty. Extra sharp cheddar cheese, smoke and pepper ketchup, pickle plants, on a ciabatta bun. I ended up eating the whole damn thing because 1) I was absolutely ravenous and 2) the ciabatta bun was like having a light white bread around your burger. It seriously just wasn’t substantial! I also drank some of the Trenta black tea lemonade (no classic syrup) I got for Chase and I to share.

After eating, we hit up Target and Famous Footwear and I did way too much shopping. >.>


With such a huge lunch, I didn’t feel like much for dinner. Instead I munched on popcorn with 2 glasses of boxed wine while I watched an episode of the very last season of Dexter! I can’t believe it’s the end!!

Hope you all had a great weekend. I’m trying really hard to force myself to concentrate to get papers done and study for my two big exams for Tuesday.



5 thoughts on “Can’t Win Them All

  1. I agree, you look really lovely in the photo! It’s nice to hear you sound like you’re doing pretty well on your own. It makes me feel really warm and hopeful that you and Chase are still friends and interact and it’s not some horrible thing where you never come into contact again. I just hate that kind of icky ending to things. BTW I tried to order a ristretto with hot water and one pump of mocha but for some reason that was really complicated and they couldn’t seem to execute my order properly and made me feel like I had ordered something ridiculous… :/ They had to make it twice and because of the water weren’t sure if they should just call it an Americano, maybe the 3″ hot water is only a if-you-work-there-you-can-be-creative thing? Anyway, I’ll have to work up the courage to try again :s

    • Thank you Adriana!!

      And yes, I’m very hopefully that we can remain in contact. It sucks to lose the person you love AND one of your best friends. So far it is working, but it’s really up to him.

      I too have had the issue of them not understanding my order in other states (such as CA). I guess it pays to be in the coffee capital of the US! It is technically an Americano but by ordering a “doppio with hot water” it’s cheaper. If you’re only looking for a single shot though just get a “ristretto Americano, one pump “insert flavor here”, and room” The room is if you’re adding cream/milk to it. If not leave out the room! I hope that helps. I order funny because those extra cents really add up for me! Let me know if that helps!

      • Thanks for the advice! I guess silly CA Starbucks was leaning toward this being an Americano and I’m not one to make any drama where it doesn’t need to be! I hope that things continue just as smoothly with you and Chase, and that you can keep your chin up and keep learning about yourself and finding good things on your own ❤

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