Some Days

During this time of upheaval, some days I have to be grateful that I just ate when I was hungry. No today wasn’t full of wholesome foods, but it’s just one day out of my life.


I was up at 2am to get ready for work and man was I hungry. I ate a super early morning snack of a cherry Chobani Champion. These little tubes are so creamy!

What went unpictured at work was two samples of our new pastries: Pecan Tart and Caramel Pecan Sticky Bun. Both are very sweet, but the stick bun wins in the yum department.

photo 1-17

On my break I sipped on a double short Americano with 1’ of steamed soy and one pump vanilla. I’m really trying to try different things so I can give you all more tips!


For breakfast I bypassed my packed cereal for a Veggie Artisan Breakfast Sandwich. I don’t know why I keep giving this sandwich a shot because it lacks a lot in flavor! But I really felt like savory. >.< After eating I enjoyed my double short egg nog latte and worked on tearing out the stitches in my cross stitch. =( I told you I was so close to finishing last night right? Well then I realized all the lines were shifted two squares to the right…It was painful to destroy all that hard work.

After my shift, I hit the gym for a 30 minute lap swim. Why half a swim? I just felt like it.

 photo 2-16

For lunch I ended up eating a baggie of senbei (rice crackers) and peanuts and went to town on that cross stitch. Guess what? I messed up again!!!! I’m almost ready to just give up. =( The next part of the pattern comes out tomorrow and I really wanted to be ready for it.

Dinner was unpictured and kind of a mess. I waited way too long and then went shopping while my blood sugar was really low. I ended up with: RF Wheat Thins, Ultra Thin Colby Cheese slices, cherry tomatoes, and an organic Granny Smith Apple. Very strange dinner…

Anyway, I’m so glad it’s Thursday. One big long day of classes and studying and I really intend to put my whole head behind. I feel like I’m really slipping in the school department with all that’s going on and that’s just unacceptable. =( It’s really hard to care right now..

See you all late tonight after a long study group.


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