Kitty Litter Muffin

Today may have been better food choice-wise, but emotionally I felt depressed.


I was absolutely starving for breakfast so I scarfed down Weetabix, sunflower seed butter, craisins, and hemp seeds with 1% milk. Yum!


Nothing looked good for lunch so I ended up with a small bowl of tomato bisque with some sautéed greens and brown rice mixed in. I was excited to see a banana muffin (vegan and gluten free) so I decided to get a dessert. Honestly? It was the worst dessert I’ve ever tasted! As one friend commented after me forcing them to try it, it was like eating cat litter. Crumbly, sandy, mess. BLEH! (Ashton – this was worst than Vomit Muffin.)


Luckily, the lunch ladies let me swap this dessert for a good one! This vegan, gluten free, coconut muffin with tofutti cream cheese frosting was delicious. Then again, after kitty litter, anything would taste good.


Since it was Thursday, at 5pm me and some classmates headed down to Starbucks for our Advanced Nutrition Principles study group! On arrival we all exclaimed how hungry we were and ended up grabbing dinner. This Hearty Veggie and Brown Rice salad bowl totally hit the spot tonight. I used half the dressing and followed it with a delicious soy chocolate chai tea latte.

While we studied we ended up munching on veggies with dip and Ritz crackers with Nutella!

Luckily we ended around 7:30pm so I was able to hit the gym for a 30 minute run. It felt great and empowering. I need to stop relying on other people to feel supported but have faith that I can support myself. Goodnight!

P.s. did just have some Colby cheese and RF Wheat Thins. ~.^


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