What to Eat…?

Been having one of those days where I don’t know what to eat.


Just to clean out the fridge a little I ended up having a sunny side up egg and a piece of toast with huckleberry jam for breakfast. It was actually quiet delicious. Maybe I need a little bit more savory in my life.


At the break during my Advanced Nutrition Principles class a few of my friends and I hit up the cafeteria for some sustenance. I didn’t really feel like much so I got an 8 oz coffee with some sugar and cream. It actually tasted really good. Maybe I’m not such an espresso snob after all.


I had no clue what I wanted at lunch so I ended up with a parfait of Greek yogurt, raspberries, almonds, and honey. I also grabbed a penne pasta thing with tomatoes, olives, parsley, garlic and artichokes but ended up only nibbling on it before giving it to a friend. Just wasn’t in the mood and felt quiet full!


That didn’t last though. Around 2pm I had my snack of an organic apple and a hunk of cheddar cheese. I really needed this because as soon as my class got out I hit up the gym for a sweaty 30 minute run. I’m really loving running surprisingly. Just listen to music and give it your all!

Next I walked to the grocery store. What does a girl get on her first shopping trip as a single woman?


The staples of course. ~.^ 1% milk, Wheat Thins(!) and Theo Holiday Chocolate. I couldn’t resist. They were on sale and the milk chocolate gingerbread one is super delicious (had two squares just now).


While I waited on the phone (fixing my plane ticket) and put away dishes, I munched on wheat thins and cheese. Not too much, just enough.


For dinner two hours later I ate the other half of the delectable seared ahi spinach salad I got last night. Mm I love getting two meals out of one. While I ate I attended a webinar on what not to do on my dietetic internship application. I  didn’t let it stress me out and worked on my cross-stitch. ^^

The best part of my day though was having an hour long phone call with my best friend, Ashton. ❤ I’m so glad we’re able to be apart of each others lives again. I hope we can only make our friendship stronger.

Anyway, I’m determined to finish this cross-stitch so I’m all caught up for the next pattern release on Friday! Night!


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