Well the world just keeps on turning. Thank you all so much for your kind comments and emails. They really mean a lot to me. Sometimes you just need unconditional support in the decisions you make. ❤


Ok so yesterday I was up early (forgot to feed the babies dinner last night..) and headed off for an early morning 60 minute lap swim. It was a really great one, especially since the guy in the lane next to me was a retired swim coach so he totally gave me pointers on my breaststroke! Mom, we’ve been doing it very outdated. ~.^ I’m excited to perfect it more.

After the swim I got back home and made a breakfast of cashew butter and pumpkin butter toast with the last of the milk. Not very original I know. You’ll find my original food brain is absent. =/

Then it was a mile walk to school where I took my MNT final. I hope it went better than I felt because I could not concentrate. My head felt like it had been crying all night, you know that painful dull hammering.


After my exam, since I was done early, I walked right back on home and ate this Chobani Champions tube yogurt thing because I was suddenly famished.


About a half hour later I realized it was stupid to try and hold off lunch just due to the time, so around 11:30am I dug into to brown rice and quinoa, jalapeno fat free refried beans, and sautéed kale. Nothing I didn’t love about this.


I have a confession. I only stayed for an hour of my three hour long class in the afternoon. My head just hurt too much to focus. =/ I also got back my counseling exam and I haven’t done that poorly in a long time. I’m definitely loosing steam folks.

After excusing myself, I headed to work to pick up my tips and ended up grabbing comfort food for this phantom-crying ache. Earl Grey Tea Latte (1 pump vanilla, 1% milk) and a pumpkin cookie. Have I mentioned how very comforting Earl Grey is to me? I can smell it and my stress level goes down at least 10 points.

Anyway I can proudly say I really listened to my body and it took me over 4 hours to eat this entire cookie, just picking at it when I got hungry.


My day finished with a very pleasant dinner date with an old friend at the Claim Jumper. We caught up over a glass of cabernet (just one, that really helped my headache!) and a surprisingly delicious Seared Spinach Salad (Center-cut ahi seared and sliced over crunchy noodles, diced red onions, tomatoes, Mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, feta cheese, glazed pecans, sesame seeds and our homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing). I ate half and have the rest for dinner tonight.

Anyway it was the first night with Chase not here. It felt eerie and yet…final. This may sound heartless but I am ready to live by myself and learn to be okay with just me. =/


One thought on “Phantom

  1. Right on!! Learning to be by yourself is not easy, but I have to say it’s really nice to feel secure enough in yourself to be okay with being alone! Proud of you. 😉

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